Rating the Philadelphia Union “For U” Kit

Well, the long-awaited Philadelphia Union kit has been officially released. For those active on socials, you would have seen both a mock-up and a leaked photo in recent weeks which means you probably have your feelings on it. However, regardless of if you have seen the kit before today or not let me break down the aspects of it and why I, probably being in the minority, actually, really enjoy the “For U” kit.

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union

This kit boasts the classic Union blue with a gold Bimbo logo in the middle. It has a light blue stripe which is an ode to the team’s origin and the flag of Philadelphia starting from the left shoulder, going behind the Union crest, and finishing at the bottom of the kit. Lots of people are comparing this kit to the NYCFC kit from 2019. While there is a resemblance as there tends to be with MLS Single Entity and Adidas at play, in my opinion, this Union kit is superior in every way. It is really the color contrast for me. The dark tones of the blue and gold contrasted by the light electric blue of the stripe just work and the way the stripe goes underneath the badge and behind the Bimbo logo makes it seem like one kit as opposed to many different moving parts. Little details include a lightning bolt under the back collar and a snake on the bottom left side.

This is one of the more controversial kits the Union has released. A lot of people don’t like it at all while others really enjoy it. I for one really like the way the colors go together, and although the kit design is basically recycled, I feel Adidas has improved on their original design for this release. I’d even go as far as saying it is one of the best kits the Union has ever released, even better than the “By U” kit last year. The Union can never please everyone, but I’m guessing that if the Union wins it all in this kit it will become everyone’s favorite.

Rating: 8/10

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Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union