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All Signs Point To Embiid Returning Against Timberwolves

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Philadelphia 76ers’ Big Man Joel Embiid, after missing two weeks due to covid, is rumored to return to the lineup Saturday against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to Sixers’ Head Coach Doc Rivers, the team’s star could be making his return to the court soon. Before the Monday night’s game, Rivers said:

“He passed one of the tests…I think he has another big one today. Then, after that, we have to decide what we want to do. But the fact that he’s out working again is huge.”

It doesn’t sound like Rivers is talking about COVID tests but maybe a workout test instead, but either way, we agree, Doc, it’s absolutely huge.

While the win-loss record is not great, the team going 2-6 on this road trip, with the first place warriors next on the schedule. The record also does not depict how competitive the team has been in Joel’s absence as well, with many of the players showing flashes of potential like Charles Bassey and overall maturity in their game like a Tyrese Maxey.

Although the team competed hard and kept games interesting, it was clear most times, they were missing their franchise center. Embiid has not particularly been MVP level this year.

The Sixers still will have his 21 points, nine rebounds, and four assists returning to the lineup, along with his stellar defense, when at times teams exposed the lack of rim protection from the Sixers.

The 76ers had many young and role players step in and step up when their number was called during this road trip. So I look forward to the team integrating Embiid back into the lineup and adding to what has been growing and getting better over these past couple of weeks.

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