10 thoughts on the Eagles after a big win against the Saints

NFL: OCT 18 Ravens at Eagles
PHILADELPHIA, PA – OCTOBER 18: Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Miles Sanders (26) carries the ball in the first half during the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles on October 18, 2020 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

The Eagles are one day removed from a surprisingly dominant win over the New Orleans Saints. Here are 10 thoughts swimming around my head as I got out of bed this morning.

Jalen Hurts is only getting better

I understand that Jalen Hurts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who prefer coffee, Hurts is still able to lift this offense in his own way and that has to be commended. A Hat-trick of rushing touchdowns isn’t exactly easy to do, let alone for a quarterback, and especially against the leagues’ top rushing defense.

Hurts may not be the pocket-passer that fans typically associate with the position, but it’s becoming clear that Sirianni can build around his athleticism and hurt defenses in a way that’s just as impactful. As a passer, he is improving and is very clearly trying to stay in the pocket for longer and let plays develop before escaping, and that’s all anyone could ask.

Does it matter if the team wins by passing for 300 yards instead of rushing for 300 yards? Not really. All that matters is the win.

Give Gannon some credit

Jonathan Gannon has been the man in the crosshairs for about a month now, but his defense really came to play against a limping Saints offense. With both tackles missing along with its QB and RB, Gannon dialled up blitzes on third down frequently and made a conceited effort to make life tough for Trevor Siemian.

Say what you want about the defensive coordinator, but this was maybe the second time this season that we saw a real change in scheme and it worked wonders. It can be done.

Darius Slay is back to his best

It’s been a while since Darius Slay has been in the pro bowl conversation, but his third defensive touchdown in four weeks should absolutely send him surging back into it. The veteran has been shining under a defensive coordinator who earned the reputation of ‘DB whisperer’ and that often goes overlooked when critiquing Gannon.

Slay has been a lockdown corner for the Eagles this season and in fairness, he was last year as well, it’s just that offenses targered the other side of the field and negated is hard work. Slay is as dangerous as he ever was and it’s an amazing feeling to discuss an exciting cornerback in Philadelphia after years of blunders.

Should we be worried about Miles Sanders?

On one hand, Miles Sanders almost put up 100 yards upon his return. On the other, he fumbled twice, including once inside his own 10-yard line, and struggled to pick up positive yardage until midway through the fourth quarter where the damage had been done.

Sanders has had the same concerns ever since coming into the league and the same salivating upside, but his base has remained somewhere firmly in the middle. With a contract year on the horizon, he’s going to need to show more than that if he is to remain in Philadelphia.

Jalen Reagor experiment is failing

Five yards in four games. Two of those games ended in negative yardage. It’s no good enough for a WR2.

Give the spot to Quez Watkins and push Greg Ward back into the slot, or even elevate John Hightower and see what the Boise State burner can do. It’s evident that Reagor is invisible in this offense, to a point where a single JJAW catch had more offensive impact than the last quarter of the season of Reagor’s snaps. It’s simply not good enough, whatever the reason.

Jason Kelce is a generational talent

Watching Jason Kelce being pulled to block downfield will never get old, but the center is. He’s 34-years-old now and that makes his incredible agility all the more impressive. How many NFL centers can move like he can? The answer is very few. How many can do so in their mid-30’s? I’d argue 0.

Hall. Of. Farmer.

Jordan Mailata has our hearts

Jordan Mailata absolutely demolish the Saints was a joy to behold. From his Wrestlemania moment to a UFC brawl on the ground, Mailata was a brick wall on Sunday and stopped a pretty stout pass-rush from doing any damage. The all-singing, alll-dancing Aussie continues to steal our hearts at every opportunity.

Playoff bound?

The Eagles are still on the outside looking in, but they’re playing with purpose. One more win would send them into the wildcard spot as things stand, and I don’t think many people had penned this team for a postseason berth at the beginning of the season.

The schedule has lightened up massively and the offense has found its identity. So long as Jalen Hurts can keep playing inspiring football and Nick Sirianni can keep coaching it, this team absolutely has a chance of making some noise come January.

T.J Edwards is coming on leaps and bounds

Let’s just take a minute to credit linebacker T.J Edwards. An interception and a fumble recovery don’t do his progress justice. The starting MLB has been exceptional since replacing Eric Wilson and has come on leaps and bounds in coverage. He deserves a ton of credit after spending the opening chunk of the season watching from the sidelines despite flashing in 2020 and 2019.

Patience really is a virtue

It took a few months, but we’re really beginning to see exactly who this Eagles team can be. They are nowhere near their ceiling yet and still have plenty of steps to take. But look back at the opening few weeks. Remember the penalty plagued losses, a nervous quarterback, shambolic play calling, and missed tackles everywhere. This team is growing. They just recorded their first home victory of the Nick Sirianni era. All good things take time. Trust the process.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire