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Seth Curry is the Most Consistent Shooter in the NBA

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Seth Curry has been one of the most important players for the Sixers this year. Curry has been an absolute efficiency machine this year, shooting 52.0% from the field, 46.5% from three, and 93.1% from the line.

On this crazy high efficiency, Curry contributes 15.4 points per game on 5.1 threes per game and 5.6 two-pointers per game. With 14 games under his belt and such a fantastic start to the season, I think it’s time to appreciate everything Curry brings to this 76ers team that will always need perimeter shooters.

Curry’s efficiency from deep has been an absolute godsend this year, posting career highs in both three-pointers attempted per game with 5.1 and three-point percentage at 46.5%. Curry is the living embodiment of a three-point specialist, and as a leader, he is unquestioned. The way he can take control of any possession and use the threat of his three-pointer to generate easy buckets is unmatched by anyone on Philly.

The way Curry starts this possession above by losing OG Anunoby on Andre Drummond’s screen, then pump faking to get one of the league’s premier defenders jumping would be enough to make any Sixers fan go crazy. Curry still follows it up with another pump to turn OG completely around and confuse him enough to sneak a pass back to Drummond, causing OG to focus solely on Drummond.

Immediately once the pass is thrown to Drummond, Curry sneaks behind OG while OG is mesmerized by the sheer beauty of Point Drummond, which gives Curry the space around the basket to cut and let Drummond throw a dime to Curry for an easy bucket.

The intelligence of Seth Curry on offense is on full display on this play as he single-handedly lost Anunoby three times in the same play and still scored the points. Curry’s an absolute genius on the basketball court. On top of impressive plays and excellent shooting splits, and dazzling plays, Curry’s true shooting percentage is the most impressive thing about his season so far.

In the 2020-2021 NBA season, Seth Curry has a true shooting percentage (TS%) of 66.4%, which places him as the 11th best in the league in TS%. While 11th alone still sounds really good, it’s even better knowing that every other player in the top 14 is either a power forward or center.

The only other guards in the top 20 of TS% are fellow Duke shooting guard and Milwaukee Bucks starter Grayson Allen, and Seth Curry’s brother, Steph, both of which Seth is significantly above in terms of efficiency (Allen’s is 64.0% and Steph’s is 63.8% in terms of TS%).

Seth Curry may have an off night every once in a while, but in the end, he really is the most consistent shooter in the entire league. Each and every night he’s in a Sixers’ uniform, I thank the great Daryl Morey that Josh Richardson and the Mavericks ever agreed to that trade.

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