Why we hate the Cowboys: A list of the most Nauseating Franchise in Sports

NFL: DEC 22 Cowboys at Eagles
PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 22: Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Michael Gallup (13) looks for a pass defended by Philadelphia Eagles Cornerback Jalen Mills (31) in the second half during the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles on December 22, 2019 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

It’s Dallas week.

Nothing in the NFL compares to the preparation that Eagles and Cowboys fans face when the two teams prepare to face off. Put the game on Sunday, or Monday night and the animosity reaches it’s APEX.

Most of America watching is rooting for both teams to lose in some way. For Eagles fans, there is no alternative: as bad as the roster is supposed to be, the team MUST find a way to win any time they play the franchise with a blue star on their helmet.

There are a billion reasons why we all hate the Cowboys, but this list is dedicated to the select few people, groups, and players that make the Cowboys the most vile, annoying and nauseating franchise in professional sports.

The Fans

“Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa Clause”

“Eagles fans laughed and cheered when Michael Irvin got a career-ending injury”

“Eagles threw batteries at players”.

We’ve heard every complaint in the known world thrown at our fanbase. Like every single sports franchise, there are some fans who promote the toxicity of the sport. Philadelphia is no different, but neither are the Cowboys.

In fact, I would argue that the Cowboys fans are even worse.

Forget the fact that they were listed as the WORST fanbase in football when it comes to complaining about everything, but they also started the wave when a player was injured from a head-to-head collison.

That literally happened. And not even during an Eagles game!

Cowboys fans are no saints.

Add in the fact that these are the same people talking like they win the Super Bowl every year when the team hasn’t had a conference championship game appearance since the late 90’s, and you have a fanbase even more annoying than the Eagles.

Cowboys fans are mostly front-running people looking to join a bandwagon that hasn’t even started it’s journey. With Eagles fans there is a rich tradition of passing down that fandom from one family member to another.

Cowboys fans just look for the the coolest thing possible, see a star on a helmet and get all excited. It’s grown tired, and the only team that can rival the annoyingness of Cowboy fans are Patriot fans.

At least most Patriot fans went into hiding once Brady left.

Skip Bayless and every Cowboy On-Air Host


With the exception of Daryl Johnston (probably the only ex-Cowboy I like hearing on tv), almost every network has an ex-Cowboy on it’s payroll only to talk about how great being a Cowboy is.

There’s Michael Irvin throwing a hissy fit every year about his team being average.

There is Marcus Spears whining and complaining because the Cowboys have become jokes of their past selves.

There’s Troy Aikman not shutting up about the Cowboys when the Cowboys aren’t even the game he’s broadcasting.

Then there’s this clown:


Apart from clearly wanting to be the spouse of LeBron James, Skip Bayless is pretty much the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Dallas Cowboys fanbase and analysts talking about them.

Every other week he is either buying all-in on the Cowboys or blaming the refs or some nefarious stupid thing that happened during the cowboys game.

It’s awesome when the Cowboys lose or get eliminated from playoff contention because of his overall reaction. It’s part of why people want to watch Undisputed in the first place.

But my god is he not the absolute worst of the Cowboys involvement in TV today?

They have the worst slogan ever

The Eagles, for their part, have seemed to change up their slogan a few times.

There’s “Fly Eagles Fly”, “Go Birds” “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!” etc. It’s phrases that bring in new and younger audiences and really tie into the whole “family” fanbase that the Eagles incorporate.

The Cowboys have the ever-annoying “How bout them Cowboys”.

*eye roll* It’s the dumbest phrase in football because it’s used for literally everything.

  • Cowboys beat a 2-12 team: “How bout them Cowboys”
  • Cowboys sign a player who doesn’t end up playing for them: “How bout them Cowboys”

There’s nothing bigger than the phrase. Noone really knows what it means because the fanbase uses it for everything. Jimmy Johnson used it once because they won a title 30 years ago and now every Cowboy fan uses it because they have nothing else.

It’s a horrible slogan for a horrible franchise.

“America’s Team”

The term was coined in the 1970’s because Roger Staubach was nicknamed “Captain America” and Tom Landry was considered “God’s Coach” by low-life idiots.

Never mind the fact the Cowboys won only two Super Bowls in the 70’s and got their butts whopped against the actual team of the decade (Steel Curtain), outcoached in Super Bowls, and upset in so many conference championship games.

So basically they were coined America’s team for beating the Bronco’s and Dolphins once. Wow.

That’s like naming the Baltimore Orioles “America’s Team” in baseball even though they suck now but were really good back in the day but always are overshadowed by the Yankees.

In reality, there is no “America’s Team”. And if there was, it wouldn’t be a team that has done nothing in the last thirty years.

Their QB’s

No matter the year. No matter the time period. Cowboys QB’s are spoon-fed to us as we’re constantly bombarded by the belief that these are top 5 or top 10 players.

Whether it was Drew Bledsoe, Danny White, Dak Prescott or Tony Romo, the national media wants to talk nothing more than the Cowboys QB’s.

First it was Tony Romo taking over for Drew Bledsoe and everyone acting as this was a reenactment of Tom Brady even though Romo won TWO playoff games in his entire career.

Then there’s Dak Prescott. Who, whenever the team struggles is apparently absolved from all blame on the face of the earth.

In 2019 the team didn’t make the playoffs and lost to a Carson Wentz roster with Greg Ward as the #1 option. But it was Jason Garrett’s fault. It was Amari Cooper’s fault.

In 2020, before Dak got hurt, the Cowboys were 1-3 and on the cusp of going 1-4 to the Giants.

But that was the defense’s fault. Never mind the fact that most of Dak’s numbers come when the team is facing large deficit’s. Never mind the fact he’s throwing to three All-Pro’s and two Pro Bowl RB’s. Never mind the fact he’s got two Hall of Famer’s on the OL. It’s never his fault.

The way the media protects Dak Prescott is the same nauseating way they did for Tony Romo, and Quincy Carter, and Troy Aikman and all other before.

It’s stupid for a roster that again, hasn’t won anything in thirty years.

Jerry Jones

This guy is the #1 reason the Cowboys are hated around the league.

The best example is what happened on Hard Knocks this past offseason.

An entire episode was dedicated to the Owner of the Cowboys. Not the coach, roster bubble players (the reason Hard Knocks was such a success in the first place), or the QB. Jerry NEEDED people to know how popular and rich he was.

He’s been the biggest blessing and curse to the Cowboys since he took over the team.

Never mind the fact that he sits in on coach’s meetings. Forget the idea that this dude desperately needs to be the center of attention.

Jerry Jones has his own radio program because he NEEDS to tell everyone what he thinks about his team.

It’s really easy to hate him, but it’s also a blessing he’s there.

Because as long as he points a giant target on the team’s back, the Cowboys will forever stumble to the expectations given them.

It’s a beautiful thing watching that franchise fail and seeing Jerry’s sad face on the television every December and January. It’s something that should actually be a national holiday now.

No matter what happens on Monday night, the animosity won’t go away between the Cowboys and Eagles.

And there’s no better place to have it unfold than Monday night.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire