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Instant analysis: Eagles win primetime slop fest against Cowboys

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I have no idea what I just watched, but I know I never want to watch it again. Somehow, the Philadelphia Eagles were able to get past the shorthanded Dallas Cowboys. They didn’t make it easy for themselves…in fact, they made it as difficult as possible. However, for now, they remain the Kings of the NFC East Castle (shack). Here’s everything you need to know.

Carson Wentz wobbled

After looking relatively strong for the last few weeks, old habits resurfaced. Carson Wentz turned the ball over 3 times against a secondary that had a single interception all season long. Not only that, but he also fumbled brutally on one occasion, and again on a second that had other factors.

Wentz did rebound to throw an absolutely gorgeous touchdown to Travis Fulgham and a similarly luxurious pass on the 2-pt conversion that followed, but completing 15/27 passes for 123 yards really isn’t a great look at all.

Wentz simply had to be better against a defense that has been atrocious all season long and he will need to improve after the bye if the Eagles are to have any real shot at a postseason run.

Brandon Graham destined for Pro Bowl honors?

On the plus side, Brandon Graham’s tendency to make a ground-shaking and game-changing play remained. The 32-year old had a huge sack and forced fumble on Ben DiNucci early on to turn the tide of the game.

He now has 7 sacks on the season and is well on course to break double digits for the first time in his career. Will this also be the first year he earns a long-overdue pro bowl nod?

Eagles Linebackers did well

It’s amazing what happens when Nate Gerry isn’t on the field. Although not by choice and more of an unfortunate coincidence, Schwartz was forced to rely on the returning T.J Edwards in place of his beloved linebacker, and the results were incredible.

Neither Edwards, Riley, or Singleton were perfect, but each had great moments. T.J Edwards forced a late fumble and led the team in tackles, while Alex Singleton rallied to 8 and picked up a QB hit.

The Eagles might not be inundated with linebacker depth, but there is some clear developmental diamonds in the rough if they dig a little deeper.

Eagles Defense was…okay?

It has to be said, while they were aggravating at times, the defense played extremely well. Were they helped by woeful QB play by the Cowboys? Yes. Does that negate the work they did to nullify the terrible QB play on their own team that often left Dallas with a short field? Not at all.

Fletcher Cox had the kind of game fans have been begging to see all season long, becoming an absolute menace in the backfield once more.

There is hope for this defense…kind of.

Minor quibble

We can’t ignore the fact that Darius Slay got injured and so did his undrafted rookie replacement. This left the Eagles with 2 healthy cornerbacks on the field. The point of the matter is that cluster injuries have hit the secondary again and the Eagles released two promising young corners in Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas, who have both kicked on and found greener grass.

If the Eagles are without Slay and 5’9 Avonte Maddox has to play CB1 with Nickell Robey-Coleman on the other side…I am not ready for the bloodbath.

But seriously…what?

The Cowboys yeeted a ball into their own endzone at one point, conceding a safety in an attempt to kick an onside kick which predictably failed.

The Eagles’ play-calling was absolutely shambolic. Boston Scott had 45 yards on his opening 3 carries. The Eagles then followed a pretty predictable pattern of plays and decided to try and implement Corey Clement into the game. That was a bag of mixed success.

Overall, the game was just an absolute trainwreck from start to finish. It felt like a preseason game. But to top it off, on a fumble that should’ve been declared dead when Vinny Curry held it, Rodney McLeod took it to the house for a touchdown. Absolute chaos. For a team often plagued by bad ref calls, it’s refreshing to see one go the other way.

Jalen Reagor looked surprisingly comfortable considering how long he’d missed. Upon his return to the offense, Reagor recorded his first ever NFL touchdown. Doing so against your team’s biggest rival is always a big vibe.

The Eagles have won two consecutive games, even if those games were primetime catastrophes. They lead the race for the NFC East…whatever that means…and this absolute train-wreck burns on. We cannot and will not stop watching so long as it does.

Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

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  • Dave says:

    This game was a dumpster fire of a trainwreck. It was one of the worst games I have ever seen as an Eagle fan. There have been some awful games in the past, but that was because we had some bad teams. This game was extremely painful to watch. The Eagles played down to the Cowboys instead of completely dominating them like everyone else has done this season. Sure, we were down Miles Sanders and Lane JOhnson, but, it wasn’t like the line was positively awful. They provided Wentz decent protection and all of the fumbles and interceptions were totally on Carson., It was bad decisions by a QB who in his 5th year should be killing it. We are witnessing Jameis Winston the 2nd. Like Winston, who at times looked invincible, but at other times looked positively awful, the same can be said for Wentz. Wentz has a ton of talent, but that isn’t the point. It’s what you do with that talent that matters. You can be a game manager like Alex Smith used to be for Washington and KC and be reasonably successful, or you can be Patrick Mahomes and make throws that you have no idea how he makes. Wentz has been both, but last night, he was Ben DiNucci. Wentz seems to think he is the savior of this team and every play needs to be the greatest play in NFL history, instead of just doing what needs to be done. I do think part of this is play calling, and I am of the opinion that it is time that Doug give up play calling and turn it over to Marty Morningweigh. Doug’s decisions are becoming as stupid as Wentz’s. This team needs to dig deep over the bye, and figure out the way forward. It is going to be very hard for Wentz to be anything other than what he is. He’s like the little girl in the nursery rhyme ” when she’s good, she’s very very good, and when she’s bad, she’s horrid.

    My impression of the situation is that nobody wants to be the person to tell him…for real….not just talk about it at the podium after the game. Wentz needs to be told that if he continues to play as he has been, he’s going to sit. If Hurts is out there and makes these mistakes, you can say, well…he’s a rookie and this is going to happen. But whether the Eagles drafted Hurts as insurance, or to groom him as trade bait, it’s time to start giving him more than 1 play to prove himself. A guy can’t come in cold off the bench and be expected to throw a 60 yd. bomb, or run for an 80 yd. score. He needs to start getting a whole series, or a chance to take the team down the field. Even if he dinks and dunks, and shows his running skills like he did at Oklahoma, that’s better than watching your $32m QB play like he did last night. There is no excuse to keep Hurts on the bench. It’s time Doug got tough and told him..dude…if you don’t stop making the same mistakes we have been talking to you about and warning you about, your going to ride the pine, and Hurts will be running things. This is so much like Winston, it is scary. Both have really bad and really good games, both threw a ton of interceptions, both got huge contracts and then their respective teams were stuck with them. If Wentz does not turn this around and quick, the future is looking mighty dim for the Eagles.

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