Scratch That, There is no Tyler Anderson Trade to the Phillies

MLB: MAY 21 Pirates at Braves
ATLANTA, GA – MAY 21: Pittsburgh Pirates starting pitcher Tyler Anderson (31) during the MLB game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves on May 21, 2021, at Truist Park in Atlanta, GA. (Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire)

Welp, that was quick. As fast as everyone thought that Pirates lefty Tyler Anderson was coming to the Phillies, he’s headed to Seattle faster. Around 3:45 PM on Tuesday, we first caught wind the starter Tyler Anderson would be coming to Philadelphia.

He looked to be a solid addition for the Phillies. Anderson had a 4.35 ERA over 103.1 IP in 2021 for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He looked even better when removing his worst start. Without his 5 innings where the Braves scored 9, he’d have a 3.76 ERA.

With Matt Moore (Moore about him later) and Vince Velasquez on the roster, it seemed to be a solid get.

Less than an hour later, a Jim Bomb confirmed the rumors and even one of the players headed to the Pirates.

Todd Zolecki would follow with the other player.

Cristian Hernandez and Abrahan Gutierrez are low-level prospects, a pitcher and catcher respectfully, that would equate to lottery tickets. They’re not considered top-30 prospects in the Phillies’ system according to most lists.

All in all, a fair deal… until there was a snag.

We would have to wait after a very disappointing Phillies loss to hear more about the situation. Surprise, it wasn’t good news.

It Was the Phillies Who Got Fleeced After All

Suddenly, there was no trade…to Philly. Now, the Seattle Mariners somehow swooped in and grabbed Anderson during the confusion. It’s not often names of players are confirmed and the trade just doesn’t happen at all.

With Matt Moore giving up 6 runs, the lack of trade stung just a bit more than usual. In fact, it felt both completely demoralizing and par for the course at the same time.

The first player the Mariners are giving up is Carter Bins, a catcher who posted a .915 OPS in A+ ball but is currently hitting .066 in Double-A.

The other is Joaquin Tejada, an 18-year old pitcher with a 7.20 ERA in minimal rookie league play.

Both feel less talented than what the Phillies had to offer.

And with that Tweet, it was confirmed. The Phillies lost 2 games in one day.

Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire