Looking forward to the Copa America knockout rounds: Semifinals

The 2021 Copa America has been absolutely bonkers so far. Now, only four nations remain; Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. Which of these final four teams will make their way to the final match for a chance to be crowned 2021 Copa America champions? We will see as we look forward to the Copa America knockout rounds: Semifinals.

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Copa America knockout rounds: Semifinals

The Copa America Semifinals showcase a rematch of the 2016 final, and two sides who play completely different styles of the beautiful game. Here’s a look at the two matches:

  • Brazil vs Peru | Monday, July 5 @ 7:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Argentina vs Colombia | Tuesday, July 6 @ 9:00 pm EST | FS1

There are obviously favorites in these matches as Brazil and Argentina seem to be on a crash course to renew their rivalry on one of the biggest stages in their nation, the Copa America final. Will they be able to make it there, or will underdogs Peru and Colombia put a stop to that narrative? Before we jump right into that, take a look at how these four nations got to this point, as we look closely at their quarterfinal wins.

We’ll have to wait and see who will make it even further, and have the chance to play for glory. Now let’s look forward to the Copa America knockout rounds: Semifinals.

Brazil and Peru face off in 2016 final rematch

Brazil has yet to put a foot wrong at the 2021 Copa America. They breezed through their group taking 10 points from 12 and claiming the top spot in Zona Norte. This included a 4-0 beatdown of their semifinals opponents Peru. As they made their way to the quarterfinals, Brazil took on Chile in an intense match, they ended up winning 1-0, and are off to the semifinals. The Brazilian’s are heavy favorites to make it past Peru and get to the final once again. However, if they underestimate Peru this time around, they could wind up falling short of the chance to play for glory.

Peru has had a good Copa America 2021, but not a fully great tournament. They were able to pick up two wins, a draw, and a loss in their group stage finishing second in Zona Norte. Peru knew that they had to be on their A-game once they reached the quarterfinals, and that’s what happened, at least on the offensive side of the ball. They played Paraguay to a 3-3 draw that went to penalties where they advanced 4-3. This crazy win set up yet another rematch with the team that beat them in 2016 final. Can Peru find a way to stay in the game against Brazil to have the chance to advance?

Peru’s defense is no match for Brazil’s offense. The only way the Peruvians can stay afloat in this match is to get into a shootout in the 90 minutes to send it to penalties as they did in the quarterfinals. If not, they will be sent home.

Don’t miss this sure-to-be-fun match, Monday, July 5 @ 7:00 pm EST on FS1.

Argentina’s class takes on Colombia’s survivalists’

Argentina is the lone team reaming from Zona Sur. They have been lead by international star Leo Messi to get to this point. A group stage that saw them take 10 points from 12 and concede just twice was enough to make them a top side heading into the quarterfinals. A 3-0 win over Ecuador solidified them as one of the two main contenders to lift the 2021 Copa America trophy when all is said and done. Messi has four goals and four assists through the five games his Argentina has played. Can he produce more magic over a scrappy Colombian side?

Colombia has scrapped its way through the group stage and their quarterfinal match of the 2021 Copa America. They finished third in their group winning just once, drawing once, and losing twice. The four points they earned were enough to send them to the quarterfinals where they met Uruguay. A match that was an uneventful nil-nil draw went to penalties where Colombia was able to convert four and stop two of Uruguay’s chances. The shootout win meant they had a semifinals date with Argentina.

Argentina knows that if they play their game, they can wipe the floor with Colombia. Colombia will need to muck up the match to have any chance of getting past Messi and the class of the Argentinians.

Don’t miss this action on Tuesday, July 6 @ 9:00 pm EST on FS1.

Who will play for the 2021 Copa America title?

The 2021 Copa America has had it all good play, bad play, world-class players, and players risking it all for their nation. The final four show two major Conmebol contenders, and two underdogs looking to show they can take them down. Will this happen? If it does, the games will indeed show an intercity about them that is rarely seen. Here’s a reminder of who’s playing when, and where you can watch the matches.

  • Brazil vs Peru | Monday, July 5 @ 7:00 pm EST | FS1
  • Argentina vs Colombia | Tuesday, July 6 @ 9:00 pm EST | FS1

We’ll have you covered at Philly Sports Network with full breakdowns on who makes it from these matches to play in the final of the 2021 Copa America! Until then, enjoy this South American action.

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