Recapping Matchday 3 of the 2021 Copa America

The 2021 Copa America group stage is just about halfway complete! Things are beginning to take shape in the two groups. Teams are showing their form after playing their first two or three games. With only two matchdays left, there are teams who are essentially in the knockout rounds and others who need to do a lot with only a little time. Before we get there though, we need to take a look at this round of group stage games as we continue our coverage by recapping matchday 3 of the 2021 Copa America.

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Recapping Matchday 3

Matchday three had Venezuela taking on Ecuador, Peru facing Colombia, Uruguay playing Chile, and Argentina playing Paraguay. These four matches were fun and full of the intensity that Conmebol has to offer. Here’s a look at the four matches that took place on matchday three.

Venezuela fight for another draw vs Ecuador

Coming into this tournament there was a lot of chatter about Ecuador being a surprise team of this tournament. They lost their opening game but thought they’d get on the right track against Venezuela. That was anything but the case. Two times in this match Ecuador went up, once in the first half and the other in the second. Both times Venezuela was able to come back and find equalizers.

This speaks more to Venezuela’s effort than it does Ecuador’s. Venezuela didn’t have the same quality that other teams have in this tournament, but their heart is bigger than most teams. The match ended 2-2. This is Venezuela’s second draw which keeps them just above Ecuador in the standings. As both of these nations move into the final crucial matches, this result could be huge in determining who moves on and who doesn’t.

Peru upset Colombia

Peru opened their Copa America 2021 campaign with a tough loss to Brazil. They followed that result with another tough match against a Colombia side who had won and drawn in their first two games. This was a fairly even match. The possession was about the same, and each team had a good amount of shots, but not many on goal.

One of Peru’s chances was converted in the first half and took that lead into halftime. Colombia came out firing in the second half. They won a penalty and converted it inside the first 10 minutes. The match looked destined to end in a draw based on the lack of chances both teams failed to create. However, a Colombia own goal put Peru up. The match ended 2-1 in favor of Peru, which is a huge upset and rises Peru’s standing to be just under Colombia in Group B.

Uruguay equalize late vs Chile

Uruguay should be a true contender in the 2021 Copa America, however, they have failed to get a win in either of their first two matches. In this one vs Chile, Uruguay was the better side. They dominated the match but found themselves down after 26 minutes. Chile was definitely outplayed but knew when to strike. They hoped the one goal would be enough to halt Uruguay in this one.

In the second half, Uruguay took all of their possession, completed passes, and shots, and created a goal scored by Luis Suarez. After that goal, Chile knew that all they needed to advance to the knockout stage was to hold the draw. That is what happened and Chile advance with one match to play. Uruguay will take the point but they should’ve had all three. Their remaining matches are against teams that are lesser than them. They’ll need to get wins in them if they want to advance.

Argentina do enough to beat Paraguay

Argentina and Paraguay entered this match undefeated in the competition so far. This match was just about even, but Paraguay actually had just a bit more of the ball. Argentina looked to defend first and then spring an attack after Paraguay committed players forward. This is exactly how Argentina was able to find the game’s only goal.

The chance was started from the feet of Messi as they usually do for Argentina. Alejandro Darío Gómez was able to score and Argentina had a lead 10 minutes in. They then defended for the final 80 plus minutes and somehow kept Paraguay from scoring. With the win, Argentina secured a spot in the knoc Paraguay had everything going for them but could only get two shots on target. They are still in a good spot to qualify but need to get points from their final matches to do so.

Matchday 4 begins Today!

There you have it as we finished recapping matchday 3. Four more matches kick off over the next two days in matchday four. Things will really begin to be ironed out o n who will be moving on and who will miss out on the knockouts. Here’s a look at the matches.

  • Ecuador vs Peru | Wednesday, June 23rd | 5:00 pm ET
  • Brazil vs Colombia | Wednesday, June 23rd | 8:00 pm ET
  • Bolivia vs Uruguay | Thursday, June 24sth | 5:00 pm ET
  • Chile vs Paraguay | Thursday, June 24th | 8:00 pm ET

We will have you covered after these matches going final. A lot of the movement could be at the bottom of the table as the difference between making the knockouts and missing out for both groups is one point. Don’s miss the action on Fox Sports, and catch the recap here at Philly Sports Network!

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Mandatory Credit: Copa America via Twitter