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Eagles would be wise to consider trading Dallas Goedert for cornerback help

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The NFL Draft is in the rear-view mirror and OTA’s are well underway. For most teams, this means that the roster is usually set and all eyes are on maximizing its potential. However, the Eagles are not most teams. Having failed to address the dire need for a cornerback to partner Darius Slay on the outside, Howie Roseman will undoubtedly be a little antsy. This isn’t the first time the Eagles have been in this spot though…

Remember this?

In the Summer of 2017, during a gruelling Training Camp, the Eagles were once again in dire need of a CB2. They had previously signed Patrick Robinson to fill that void, but it was clear that he was at his best when working out of the nickel. After a couple of tumultuous weeks that saw the former Colts CB torched by Torrey Smith and bullied by Alshon Jeffery, Howie had seen enough.

He called up the Bills and made a trade that shocked Eagles fans across the country. Jordan Matthews, a former second-round pick, best friend of Carson Wentz, and easily the teams’ most productive receiver, was packaged in a deal with the Bills in exchange for young cornerback Ronald Darby.

Matthews was set to be a free agent after the upcoming season and after rallying to 2,673 yards and 19 touchdowns in three campaigns for the Eagles, ranking among the best slot receivers in the entire league. The Eagles decided to cash in before it was too late and bring in a name who had the speed to man the outside and allow Robinson to thrive in the nickel.

That move ultimately proved to be pivotal to the teams’ Super Bowl run.

History repeating itself?

This is where the Deja Vu sets in. The Philadelphia Eagles are in search of a CB2 once again and have sat patiently waiting for the right opportunity. When people look at potential trade assets on the roster, it’s easy to point to Zach Ertz. The Stanford product gave an emotional press conference after the final game of the season and it was widely assumed that after failed contract negotiations and a torrid year, Ertz would be on the way out. Up to this point, that has not been the case.

If the Eagles were going to trade Zach Ertz, they would have by now. The truth is that there has not been an offer made that is enough to convince Howie Roseman that he’d be getting good value in return. If it didn’t happen during the NFL Draft, the chances are it’s probably not going to.

Nick Sirianni has spoken glowingly of the veteran tight end as well and it would be easy to see how Ertz could be convinced to give it one more shot in Philadelphia. If Nick Sirianni is able to wipe the slate clean and present a renewed sense of belonging, which is all Ertz wanted, then maybe his last chapter will have a happy ending after all.

The one tight end that nobody has mentioned in these discussions is Dallas Goedert.

Does trading Dallas Goedert make sense?

Just like Jordan Matthews was in 2017, Goedert is entering his contract year. He’s also a former second-round pick.

The difference here is that many feel Goedert’s production has been capped by the fact Zach Ertz has always been the teams’ TE1. While this may be the case, injuries and some poor hands at times have left him with a career which up to this point has shown so many flashes and just as many clouds.

Even last year, with Ertz disappearing off the face of the Earth, he was really unable to make the most of a grand opportunity. He posted 524 Yards (down from 607 in 2019) on 46 receptions. He did miss five games, but still started 9 and missed around 166 snaps compared to the year before. Despite reps as the lone tight end on the roster, he really struggled to build a consistent resume. For context, Richard Rodgers caught 345 yards worth of passes on just 274 snaps, nearly a third of the amount Goedert featured in.

This is a big year for Dallas Goedert and while we can’t really base what Nick Sirianni will do this season based purely on the history of his Colts offense, it is safe to say that tight ends are not the stars of the show. An eclectic backfield and diverse wide receiver group take center stage for the most part.

Mo Allie-Cox led the Colts TE’s in receiving last year with 394 yards. Jack Doyle led the way in 2019 with 448. Eric Ebron’s final season in Indy saw him post 750, but their WR corps was lacking in a big way. With that in mind, the Eagles now have a ton of depth at both wide receiver and running back and it’s hard to imagine that there will be a huge chunk of volume flowing to the tight end position.

Cons to moving on from Dallas Goedert

There are two main issues in moving on from Goedert. The first is that the depth behind him largely consists of unproven talent or players who have recently switched to the position. The second is that he is easily the best blocking tight end on the team and Nick Sirianni places a heavy emphasis on running the ball.

Whether or not the coaching staff feel they could coach up some of the other names on the roster to fill that void, or even look at cheap free agent options (Richard Rodgers rodeo #4?), is another question entirely, but if the right deal comes along, is it really that illogical to see Howie Roseman pulling the trigger?

Potential suitors

We know there are still TE-needy teams on the roster. The Patriots, for instance, have gotten as much receiving yards from their tight ends over the past couple of years as the Eagles had interceptions last year. Okay, not quite, but close enough. Hunter Henry will look to change that, but a strong TE2 would make sense.

They also have a very shiny cornerback in the way of Stephon Gilmore who has been dangled loosely in trade talks all offseason. This would be a monumental trade and it’s an unlikely one, but it’s at least plausible.

The Chargers parted ways with Hunter Henry and drafted Tre McKitty. Behind Jared Cook only sits Donald Parham Jr. Goedert would be an immediate upgrade on arguably all three, at the very least the final two.

The Texans are very light on reliable TE depth and while rookie Brevin Jordan is exciting, Dallas Goedert would act as a great stop-gap while he develops. They also have a very enticing CB2 candidate in the way of Bradley Roby.

There are a lot of ifs, buts, and maybes here, however, we’ve seen this before. Howie Roseman isn’t the kind of GM to preach patience and accept mediocrity in the process. If there’s a chance he can develop young players while still remaining competitive, especially with a trio of first-round picks at his disposal next year, there’s no questioning that he will. Trading Dallas Goedert would mirror the move made back in 2017 when the team parted ways with Jordan Matthews…but would it yield similar results?

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  • Marquis says:

    The Pats already have two tight ends .. I didn’t see any mention of Jonnu Smith. Also, while in a rebuild with an old team, I don’t think trading away young talent should even be on the board.

  • lenrosen7 says:

    I thought nothing could be more right than your first sentence. Then I remembered how Skip Bayless would toss out absurdities to get a spirited debate going for the sake of ratings, which, I believe, he is losing. I recall Bayless confidently asserting that if a boxer is throwing more punches (even if virtually all are misses), he’s winning the fight. And, of course, keep Goedert. If the Eagles had drafted a TE in the first four rounds, it might be a consideration. But they didn’t and it’s not.

  • Joe says:

    Sure…let’s trade our best TE who wants to be here and the 2nd best Blocking TE in the ENTIRE league. This take couldn’t be worse if it came from Skip Bayless.

  • Dave says:

    Liam…..if you’re going to write an article titled The Eagles Would Be Wise To Consider Trading Dallas Goedert For CB Help, you should at least indicate your reasons in the article. All you did was title the story for click bait. Then the article is filled with info on how Goedert was injured and that his production was limited by Ertz being 1st string TE. Then you listed potential teams who might be interested in a TE (and who wouldn’t) and not once did you indicate the reason you thought they should do it. All you did was point to moves made in 2017, making the inference that Howie could do something similar this year.

    Just the very fact that Ertz has been openly shopped and even been given permission to seek a trade, indicates he could very well still be traded. It’s very early in the season, and injuries happen and suddenly there’s a team in need of a TE. As camp looms closer, we may very well see the Eagles drop there asking price for Ertz. If somebody offers up a 3rd and a 5th, or 3rd and another young CB with potential, I think that might get a deal done. At the end of the season, Ertz walks and Howie gets nothing for him.

    For you to suggest that we take one of the positions of strength on the team and trade away a solid player, who beat the receiving totals of a lot of starters in the league as the 2nd TE, is ludacris. You don’t weaken one position to strengthen another. The Eagles are in a rebuilding phase. They had a solid draft and picked up some players who could contribute right away and other who have really good potential. We have been accumulating picks for next year and beyond, as they should. This will be a learning/growing year for the team. New coaches, new players, new philosophy. The Eagles will give Goedert more reps this year, in a similar fashion to what they are doing with Hurts. You’ve heard it a million times, coaches have to put players in a position to succeed, and that is what they will do with both. If Hurts works out, then those 3-1st rounders next year won’t be needed to move up to take a QB. If Goedert plays well, the Eagles will work out a deal with him, and none of those 1st round picks will be needed on a TE. They can then draft a new CB or even two and challenge Slay who will be 31. Mortgaging the future for the present is what the Eagles have been guilty of for years now, and I think we can all see a change for the better. Patience is the key.

    • James says:

      To the person who wrote this article to fill space, have you lost you mind?! Eagles are rebuilding, there are great CBs in next year’s draft, and Eagles have two with chance at three first round picks! You make your trade away him if the guy that you get makes you win it all. Dallas is a valuable piece to their rebuilding. And just so you know I didn’t read beyond the heading. I won’t insult myself. No, sorry, you sacrifice the future maybe if you can win it all now, not to shore up a weakness on a team rebuilding, and questions at QB. I’m pretty sure you’ve had some good articles, but this is not a “Wise” idea for the Eagles.

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