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Ranking the top 5 most exciting games on the Eagles 2021 schedule

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The NFL schedule has been out for a little while now and we’ve had some time to collect our thoughts on what lies ahead for the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are the five games I’m personally looking forward to the most in 2021.

Eagles vs Panthers – week 5

It was either this or a matchup against the Cowboys and something about this matchup is giving me more excitement than general fear. Maybe it’s recency bias after seeing what that receiving corps did to Philadelphia back in December and how Andy Dalton put up 377 yards.

I’m excited to see how the new-look Eagles defense react to one of the most explosive running backs in football – Christian McCaffrey. CMC will be retuning to the field after an injury ended his 2020 season and with a speedy receiving group to test the secondary on the back of two very similarly talented opponents when it comes to skill-positions, this may be the ‘third time’s the charm’ game where Gannon is able to harness the potential of his defensive line to stop CMC running wild and put some pressure on Sam Darnold.

The Eagles faced the Panthers in a primetime matchup back in 2017 and the game was a thriller. I’m expecting a matchup just as enticing here.

Eagles vs Washington – week 15

Truth be told, this matchup is terrifying. However, Gannon’s men will be battle-tested by this point and ready for Washington’s wideouts and their rampant pass-rush. Not only that, but there are bound to be playoff implications for one of these two teams and if it is the Eagles, this matchup marks the start of a four-game divisional streak that would surely dictate their fate. It would be imperative to start it with a bang.

Eagles vs Buccaneers – Week 6

Tom Brady vs the Eagles is one thing, but the reigning Super Bowl champs coming to town on national television? Yes please.

Brady may have bested the Eagles last time out, but it’s clear that Nick Foles still lives in his head rent free, and we all remember what happened when Sam Bradford was able to pull off the unthinkable against him in 2015. Expect a fiery performance from one of the best to ever do it with the prospect of yet another Eagles upset. What’s not to like?

Eagles vs Chargers – Week 9

The Chargers are a really fun team to watch and there is of course some history with Nick Sirianni having coached there between 2013 and 2017. He’ll face last year’s Rookie Of The Year in Justin Herbert in a matchup that boasts two lethal pass-rushers and some electric weapons on the other side of the ball. This might not be the most high-profile game of the year, but it’s the one I’m looking forward to most that isn’t a divisional clash.

Eagles @ Giants – week 12

The Eagles throwing week 17 cost the Giants a playoff spot. The Eagles trading up for DeVonta Smith cost them a shiny new wide receiver. For some reason, the New York gain base has been incandescent with rage ever since and the teams’ social media admin doesn’t seem to be a huge Eagles fan either, circling this matchup as their most poignant.

It’s only right that we do the same and re-ignite a rivalry that was once filled with glorious moments and true fire. There used to be a real buzz when playing the Giants and over time, it’s turned into a guaranteed slop-fest with fumbles, trips, turnovers, and shoddy coaching from both teams. Maybe this is the year things turned around and we’re treated to a spectacle.

Which games are you looking forward too the most?

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  • Dave says:

    I’m looking forward to them all. Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing a brand new offense, defense and how the coaching staff approaches each game and how quickly they make adjustments to the opposing team. Too often Doug and J Schwartz took way too long to make in game adjustments, leaving the Eagles always playing from behind. I’m psyched to see the possibilities this team has. If the aging OL can stay healthy, or at least not wind up with season ending injuries, the offense will be exciting to watch. I’m not sure how much J Howard has in the tank, but it has to be enough to keep K. Johnson from making the club. Personally, I would love a 4 man backfield, of Sanders, Scott, Johnson and Gainwell. All are very good runners and also really good pass catchers out of the backfield. When you have a group like this, a lot of things are possible….you essentially have 4 additional WR’s. Johnson will need to regain the form he had in his rookie year, but in the right situation, I think he can. If it turns into a battle and Howard shows he’s still got it, then may the best man win.

    WR is showing some promise because I don’t think the current coaching staff is going to keep JJAW unless he turns into Jerry Rice. He seems to have a decent camp and is then invisible after that. The Eagles cannot afford to keep a guy like him around at the expense of a developing WR. There’s a lot of talk early of Trevon Grimes, and rightly so. He had a really good season as the guy kind of playing behind Pitts and Toney. There’s another UDFA I am looking forward to seeing….Jhamon Ausbon. After opting out in 2020, if he regains the form he had in 2019, catching 66 passes for 872 yards and 5 touchdowns in only 13 games. Granted college doesn’t always translate to the NFL, but some definite potential. He’s another big bodied guy at 6’2″ 217 lbs. Now that the coaching staff will not be forcing Jeffrey and DeSean into the lineup, maybe Fulgham can pick up where he left off. It’s no coincidence that Fulgham’s tapering off coincided with Jeffrey returning to action. And of course Dougie puts him in at the expense of a guy who for a while was leading the league in receiving.

    On D, it will be a whole new look. No more 4 guys trying to get to the QB and that’s it. I expect actual play calling and different schemes. They are going to have to unless they are hiding a veteran CB somewhere we don’t know about. DL, DE LB and S are looking decent, but our CB situation is rough to say the least. Outside of Slay, who IMHO is a really good, but not a shut down CB is pretty much it. Behind him is a list of who’s WHO? Jaquet and Arnold do not strike fear in the hearts of opposing QB’s or WR’s. To say that is the teams Achilles heel…it’s more like the whole foot and ankle. I’m hoping that Howie can work a deal using Ertz to get someone else in here, or sign one of the remaining FA’s on a 1 yr. prove it deal.

    All in all, I’m looking forward to the season and being realistic. If they go better than 6-11, I will be happy and surprised. We face teams with really good WR’s and QB’s. If they play a zone D, there might be a better chance for success than man. I’m not too worried about the offense. Once again IF they stay healthy, we have one of the better run blocking lines in the league. If it ends up Sanders/Scott/Gainwell/Johnson, with Sirrianni’s commitment to the run game, that will take the pressure off of Hurts to have to pass the ball 900 times a game like Doug had Wentz/Hurts do. Add designed runs and scrambles by Hurts, and the ground game has great potential. Hurts has been working on his accuracy, so even a 20% improvement will make a huge difference. Just cutting down on his 1 INT avg. per game will be hugely beneficial. If he can get close to 60%, looking at what he did in 3 1/2 games last year….1061 yds. passing, 354 rushing and 6 TD’s, translates to over 4000+ passing and 1,000 rushing.

    In the post Dougie/Schwartz era, I’m really looking forward to creative play calling on both sides of the ball, a real commitment to the run, and every player giving 110% every game.

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