Philadelphia Eagles 2020 Schedule – A reactive prediction


The Draft is over. All the big fish in the free-agent pond are taken, and now the NFL has given its fans another dose of serotonin: the release of the 2020 NFL schedule. For the Eagles, there’s a common misconception running around they have one of the easier schedules in football this upcoming season.

The notion that the Eagles have an easy schedule in 2020 is very wrong. Taking out the Giants and Redskins, two teams the Eagles have to play twice, and the schedule actually looks a lot tougher than most people think.

SOS WITH NYG/WAS Included: .486

SOS Without NYG/WAS: .541

Take out Washington and the Giants and the Eagles have the toughest schedule in football this upcoming season. While it won’t be easy, the Eagles are bringing a young core of talent to try and fend off some of the more talented teams in the league. As with any schedule release, it’s time to give out our WAY-TO-EARLY Predictions for the 2020 season for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Week 1: @ Washington Redskins – 1pm

For the third time in four years the Eagles are opening up the 2020 season against the Washington Redskins. For the first time since the Super Bowl season, they’ll be playing in Washington. Make no mistake, Washington is a much improved roster and has a great coach in Ron Rivera. Philly also hasn’t exactly run away against Washington either the last couple of years. They were behind in both games last season before Carson Wentz and a combination of DeSean Jackson and Greg Ward stepped up. Still, this should be a win for the defending NFC East Champs.

Prediction: Win (1-0)

Week 2: vs. Los Angeles Rams – 1pm

When was the last time the Eagles started 2-0? 2016 Feels like a long time ago. The Eagles were better than the Bucs and Falcons the last two years but somehow, due to injuries and poor play they found a way to lose those games. Having the Rams at home will help, but as of right now I’m chalking this one up as the team’s first loss.

Prediction: Loss (1-1)

Week 3: vs. Cincinnati Bengals – 1pm

Eagles losing their home opener won’t have a good taste in a lot of fans mouth. Getting the Bengals early will help though. I have a feeling the team will come out on fire and look like a potential playoff team. This is the get right game even if Philly has struggled with Cincinnati in the past.

Prediction: Win (2-1)

Week 4: @ San Fransisco 49ers – Sunday Night

The first marquee matchup of the season. Very similar to 2017 when they played Carolina, this will be the game that shows just how good this Philadelphia Eagles team will be. The 49ers improved their roster this off-season and had a good draft. A Super Bowl hangover can absolutely happen during the year for the 49ers, but the Eagles haven’t had much success in California.

Prediction: Loss (2-2)

Week 5: @ Pittsburgh Steelers1pm

Historically, the Eagles own this in-state rivalry. The Eagles hold a 48-28-3 all-time record against the black and gold. The fact the Eagles plays Pittsburgh so early also helps. The Steelers historically are a team that starts out the season very slow but then towards the middle and end of the year pick up steam. This won’t be an easy game with how talented the defense in, but I like Philadelphia’s chances in an early season game like this.

Prediction: Win (3-2)

Week 6: vs. Baltimore Ravens – 1pm

As part of the AFC North schedule, the Eagles host the team with the best record last season. Batimore reloaded their roster and is a prime Super Bowl candidate in the AFC. Having a 1:00pm game might help Philadelphia here. This one will be low scoring but I just think Baltimore is the better team right now.

Prediction: Loss (3-3)

Week 7: vs. New York Giants – Thursday Night

To put it lightly, the Eagles have owned the Giants for the better part of the decade. Under a new QB and leadership, the expectations are there for the Giants to be a lot tougher than the last couple of years. That doesn’t mean they’ll have instant success this year. Birds will get the dub on Thursday Night.

Prediction: Win (4-3)

Week 8: vs. Dallas Cowboys – Sunday Night

Dallas. At home. Sunday Night. Like every matchup this decade the Eagles and Cowboys will face off for the first time in 2020 in the middle of the year on Sunday Night. Dallas has been successful in Philadelphia minus last year’s title game. The Cowboys will be playing on Sunday the week before while the Eagles have a Thursday game, so the Birds should be well-rested. Because of this, I’ll take Philadelphia at home.

Prediction: Win (5-3)

Week 9: BYE WEEK

Week 10: @ New York Giants – 1pm

The Eagles are due for a surprise loss. I think it happens here. The Giants have been kicked around for so long against Philly that you know one game is bound to go poorly for Philadelphia. After the bye week, it’s perfectly feasible that the Eagles come out flat against a division rival.

Prediction: Loss (5-4)

Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns – 1pm

Eagles get back on track here. I don’t think anyone knows what the Cleveland Browns are going to look like and with Odell and the cast of characters around there I don’t see Wentz and Pederson losing back to back games like this.

Prediction: Win (6-4)

Week 12: vs. Seattle Seawhawks – Monday Night

And so begins the murder’s row. The Eagles have the Seahawks, Packers, and Saints in three straight games. Yes, they have two of them at home but that isn’t really comforting. Regardless, this will be a close game and whoever is injured will be a big reason one team wins or loses. Despite this, Russell Wilson owns the Eagles in his career and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.

Prediction: Loss (6-5)

Week 13: @ Green Bay Packers4pm

Another one of the murder’s row games the Eagles will have to deal with. Playing in Lambeau in early December is not going to be easy considering the Packers will most likely be fighting for a playoff spot with or without Aaron Rodgers at QB. While the Eagles were able to pull away from a squeaker in Lambeau last year, that was early in the season, and a pissed off Rodgers in December is not someone I want to see if I am Philadelphia. I don’t think the division will be lost, but the Eagles will need to start playing better.

Prediction: Loss (6-6)

Week 14: vs. New Orleans Saints

Annnnnd we continue Murder’s row on a very tough schedule. The benefit to this is that the Saints are on the road here and are historically a weaker team on the road than in the confines of the Superdome. The Saints have been arguably one of the best regular-season teams over the last few years and that should continue into 2020 barring any injuries. Drew Brees is 7-2 against Philadelphia for his career yet his career in outdoor games isn’t pretty. Having New Orleans come to Philadelphia in the middle of December is going to be a huge added bonus in this one.

Prediction: Win (7-6)

Week 15: @Arizona Cardinals – 4pm

Arizona will be a much-improved team this upcoming season. How much remains to be seen. Philly hasn’t had a lot of success on the road in Arizona and this schedule of two road games out West won’t help their chances either. Still, I will roll with the better QB and say Wentz pulls it out.

Prediction: Win (8-6)

Week 16: @ Dallas Cowboys – 4pm

Similar point here: when was the last time the Eagles swept the Cowboys season series. Whoever wins the first-round matchup will most likely lose the second. The fact this game is IN Dallas and will probably be for the division title should scare any Eagles fan. If they win early in the year then I’ll take the Cowboys here to get their revenge.

Prediction: Loss (8-7)

Week 17: vs. Washington Redskins – 1pm

Depending on playoff seedings, the Eagles could be very well fighting for their postseason lives in this game. Still, being at home against an improved Redskins team makes me feel a lot better. Eagles will close out 2020 with a win.

Prediction: Win (9-7)

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports