Subaru Park to Open at Full Capacity starting June 23rd

The Philadelphia Union will be in the thick of their 2021 season once June rolls around. Lucky for the team, they have more of their passionate fans backing them at home games starting on Wednesday, June 23rd when Subaru Park will open at full capacity.

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union

The last time there was a rocking 18,000 people in Chester to watch the Union was back in 2019. It was Philly’s historic 4-3 playoff win over the New York Red Bulls. Now fans will prepare for the last month of waiting to see their boys in blue take the field with a full capacity crowd watching.

The Union’s trajectory has only gone up since then. They won the supporters shield in 2020 in front of a very limited crowd. They have started the 2021 season in great form in Concacaf Champions League making the semi finals in front of 5,000 fans. Now, the team is in the midst of getting their 2021 MLS season on the right track in May with the Gold Cup break coming at the beginning of June. Then, we will be able to see a packed Subaru Park when they return to play at home on June 23rd.

This is great news and really shows the long way things have come in terms of Coronavirus vaccinations. Like many things during the Covid-19 pandemic, this change may feel weird or awkward for some and not that way for others. There are those who may feel nervous about this type of return to normalcy when the pandemic is not yet over, and some who will think that is crazy. Whatever side you’re on, just allow the other people some space to think and feel what they want to. It’s been a long year and then some in this pandemic. Tempers are flaring up on both sides, and it’s a bit silly honestly. If you’re happy there will be a full Subaru park, be happy; if it makes you feel on edge, then use whatever caution you feel is best for you!

No matter what you think or feel, the state of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Union will keep a close eye on how these games go starting in June. Masks are required for all Union matches if you are not vaccinated, even in June. If you are vaccinated they are still strongly encouraged to be worn in large groups. The hope is that this precaution is enough to stop the spread of Coronavirus while allowing as many fans as possible to watch the Union play live! It’ll be a great sight to see a fully packed Subaru Park! The Union plays Columbus Crew SC (or whatever other name they’ll have at that time) on June 23rd. Philly will feel the energy of the fans in that one, there’s no question about that!

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Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union