Marco Fabián?! Philadelphia Union in advanced talks with Mexican international


The Philadelphia Union are reportedly in talks with a superstar! Marco Fabián, currently playing in the German top-flight, has been linked to Philly. His addition would be a huge get for the Union both on and off the field! 

A superstar:

With Fabián, the Union would be adding a bona fide superstar to their ranks. At 29-year-old, the central attacking midfielder is a normal player on the Mexican National team. His presence would help the Union, as they have been looking for a versatile midfielder who can create offense, but can also play some defense. Marco checks these boxes but may have some shoes to fill in Philly’s lineup.

Replacement for Dockal:

Last season Borek Dockal was MLS’ assist king. He helped create the offense, but was the focal point of the attack in a 4-2-3-1 formation. If we are to believe that the Union will be playing a 4-4-2 diamond, like they have been playing during preseason, then Fabián is a great replacement. He has struggled over the past few seasons with injuries, but if Fabián is healthy for the majority of the year, he could put up 10 goals and assists. He would be a welcome sight for the Union on and off the pitch

Helpful off the pitch as well:

The star power Marco Fabián possesses is not just as a catalyst for success on the field for Philadelphia, but off it as well. For the first time since the Mario Balotelli rumors back in December, Union fans have felt like this team is trying. Today there have been many pessimistic fans praising the attempt to sign a player of Fabián’s quality. Should the club be able to pull this off and sign him, for his listed transfer fee of around three-million dollars, it could bring many fan back caring about the team, and possibly buying tickets/filling the stadium.

Speaking of filling the stadium, the Union could get more butts in seats from a demographic that they’ve failed to market soccer to. The Union have done a horrible job marketing their club to the Hispanic population in and around Philadelphia. Univision and Telemundo, Spanish broadcasting syndicates, have locations in Philadelphia  yet they are rarely at Talen Energy Stadium. Securing Fabián, and giving him the number 10 shirt, will get a lot of people in the region pay attention to the soccer team that is in their back yard. This would lead to more jersey’s sold, more broadcasts watched, and more people attending home matches.

Needless to say, this is a move that could really really help a team struggling to keep a fan base and add to it as well.

Will Marco Fabián be wearing blue and gold?

Only time will tell if the Union pull this off. If they do, they’ll simultaneously solve their issue of who will play in the attacking midfield role, and will get a heated fan base off their back. Three-million dollars is a lot of money for the Union to spend but if they do, it’ll set the president that they are actually trying to compete with the other teams in MLS. I hope for the fans-sakes, and my sanity, that this deal does happen. Then we can focus more on the play on the field and less about a cheap ownership.

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Peace out Union fans!

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