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Will the Eagles move back in the NFL Draft? Five potential trade suitors

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The Philadelphia Eagles might be the most difficult team to hedge bets on when it comes to the NFL Draft. The only thing we’ve come to expect is the unexpected and they could be just as likely to move up as they are to move back. After looking at potential trade-up suitors, here are five teams that would fit very snugly in a potential move back down into the teens and beyond.

Minnesota Vikings – Pick #14

The Vikings have a terrible offensive line group at the moment and there’s a good chance that the Chargers will have their eye on Christian Darrisaw. L.A will want to protect Justin Herbert’s blindside and if there’s even a chance of the Virginia Tech product falling within reaching distance, the Vikings might hit the big red button and try to jump them.

This wouldn’t be the first time in recent memory a team has done this. The Eagles actually pulled the same move on the Texans to select Andre Dillard two seasons ago. With Philadelphia now being on the receiving end of a trade, a small move back might be worth picking up a couple of extra mid-round assets.

Arizona Carindals – Pick #16

The Cardinals have been thunderously aggressive in the Kliff Kingsbury era and who can blame them? It would hardly be surprising to see that mentality change now. The NFL Draft landscape has changed a lot over the past few weeks and it looks highly likely that at least two of the ‘elite wideouts’ in this year’s class are going to drop outside the top-10 thanks to a real push for quarterbacks.

The electric Jaylen Waddle, for instance, has ‘Cardinal’ written all over him in terms of schematic fit and if the Eagles are happy to drop back in a bid to pick up a cornerback or bolster another area of the roster, then it’s very easy to see a trade being negotiated here.

Las Vegas Raiders – Pick #17

The Raiders only have eight draft picks this year, which isn’t a bad thing, but they lack a lot of firepower towards the top of the Draft. The only reason they hold eight now is because of a few trades completed this offseason, and one of their three picks inside the top 100 was only acquired a month ago, showcasing a desire to push further up the board.

With that in mind, the Raiders need secondary help…badly.

If there’s a shot at landing one of the big-name corners due to the Eagles being willing to drop back, then a trade is on the cards. The Raiders simply have to start hitting on draft picks and need to reduce ‘bust potential as much as possible. A trade with the Eagles could tick multiple boxes depending on who is involved and ensure they take one of the top corners in the Draft.

Chicago Bears – Pick #20

The Bears need a quarterback and although it appears unlikely that one of the top names could slip to 12, they also could be in play for a corner, wideout, or offensive tackle. Both of the latter options would make a ton of sense if a QB isn’t available, giving Andy Dalton some kind of help and adding a piece for whoever the long-term option turns out to be.

It would be an aggressive move up, but Ryan Pace may seek to add some EDGE rush talent in the process, or even a left tackle after an absolute mess along the offensive front last season. For the 19th time this offseason, I introduce you to Derek Barnett and Andre Dillard – two young players who could have their best years ahead of them and may just make the move up that much more enticing for a team dancing around a rebuild.

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Indianapolis Colts – Pick #21

This is probably the most likely suitor for several reasons. There are a million links between the two teams now and given that their last trade was beyond mutually beneficial, it at least gives both GM’s a sense of trust when negotiating a deal.

The Colts are losing Anthony Castonzo and need to protect their huge Carson Wentz investment. There are options here, but the big dogs would’ve been taken by now. It just so happens that the Eagles have one who Wentz, Groh, and Taylor are already familiar with in Andre Dillard.

Jordan Mailata clearly proved himself as a starting-worthy tackle last season and there could be quite the competition that would unfortunatelty be slanted against Mailata due to the capital spent to draft Dillard. The smart thing to do would be to cash in now.

Trading Dillard would make a lot of sense for the Eagles here and if they could package a 2021 second-rounder and a 2020 fourth, then I’m sure that would be enough to get the deal over the line. The Eagles don’t necessarily trade back, but are able to pick up an extra first-rounder to draft another potential day-one starter, further opening up their options at pick 12.

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  • Dave says:

    The only real trade here worth of mentioning is trading at #21. Dillard needs to go. He is a one trick pony at LT and we already have one named Jordan Mailata. Trading Dillard for #21 give the Colts a starting LT and prevents a needless competition at LT in camp where Mailata beats out Dillard anyway, and now you have a guy on the bench who you spent draft capital for just a few years ago. The Eagles made a great trade back from #6 to #12, picking up a 4th and a 1st rounder in 2022, and now could unload a player who will be riding the pine for pick #21. To complete this draft, the Eagles should trade #37 and Zach Ertz to Buffalo for #30, giving the Eagles 3 1st round picks two years in a row. That gives the Eagles a potential 6 starters over the next two years, just from the 1st round picks. Your first rounders must become immediate starters, or Howie needs to go. We have a lot of old wood on this team that aren’t getting any younger. The whole right side of the OL from Kelce over is on the wrong side of 30 and two guys are coming off significant injuries. On the D, Cox, Graham and Slay are all over 30. They are all starters that are very near the end of their careers. You can see the need to hit on a lot of these picks. My hope is that Howie will stay the hell out of it, and let the new coaching staff make the decision on players they need to make their vision work. After all, you canned the whole staff on both sides of the ball except for 2 coaches, so to not let them have a great deal of input, would not only be idiotic, it would be contrary to the obvious move to take the team in a different direction.

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