A brief history of each pick the Eagles own in this year’s NFL Draft

PHILADELPHIA, PA – JANUARY 05: Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills (31) celebrates during an NFC Wild Card game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Seattle Seahawks on January 5, 2020, at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Michael Workman/Icon Sportswire)

Our lord and savior, Liam Jenkins, provided you all with a history of the Eagles’ top1- selections not too long ago, but what about the other picks? Is pick 37 lucky? Did the Eagles strike gold with getting pick 84? Who were the players selected by other teams (and the Eagles, if any) at those picks? Let’s take a look at recent history:

Pick 37

*Other notables: Eric Weddle (2007 – Chargers), Darren Woodson (1992 – Cowboys), Randall Cunningham (1985 – Eagles), Cris Collinsworth (1981 – Bengals), Ron Jaworski (1973 – Eagles), Norm Van Brocklin (1949 – Rams)

Pick 70

*Other notables: Jason Elam (1993 – Broncos)

Pick 84

*Other notables: Mike Wallace (2009 – Steelers), Harry Douglas (2008 – Falcons), Bobby Mitchell (1958 – Browns)

Pick 150

No other notables.

Pick 156

*Other notables: Aaron Kampman (2002 – Packers)

Pick 188

*Other notables: Andy Lee (49ers)

Pick 223

No other notables.

Pick 224

*Other notables: Steve Johnson (2008 – Bills), Donnie Jones (Seahawks)

Pick 233

*Other notables: Justin Forsett (Seahawks)

Photo by Michael Workman/Icon Sportswire