Will Union announce a new signing anytime soon?

It’s been almost two weeks since Union sporting director Ernst Tanner announced there would be new signings on the horizon. With no rumblings of a signing since Ernst mentioned one, it’s only appropriate to ask the question, will the Union announce a new signing anytime soon.

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Will we see a new signing anytime soon?

It’s been 12 days since Ernst Tanner announced there would be a new signing soon. He spoke about this signing after Mark McKenzie signed for Genk. In this press conference, Tanner also mentioned being in Africa. When the offseason first started Ernst stated he was going to look to upgrade the roster, as he’s said the last two offseasons. Coming off of the supporters’ shield victory, the Union will need to match/exceed that level of play. Tanners work is cut out for him.

It is normal for the Union to make signings at the end of January or in February to complete their roster. However, it is unusual for Ernst to say something and for it to not pan out. Because of this, fans are right to ask is there going to be a new signing anytime soon?

I would highly doubt Ernst would say there would be a signing soon, and then not follow through on that. His track record is too good to question at this point in time. Because of this, It is important to look at who this signing he mentioned might be and to ask if there could be more than one signing before preseason begins.

A left-footed center back

In all likelihood, the signing teased by Tanner could come in and compete for the spot that is left with McKenzie’s signing with Genk. However, with little to no movement seen on this, fans were left to play GM and speculate on who they’d want to see as this signing.

Whoever this new player is, it will likely be an Ernst Tanner type of signing. A low-risk-high-reward type of player. This won’t break the bank and would be another type of Jacob Glesnes signing. Philly still needs the fourth center back as well; this would be a depth player, like Aurelien Collin. If the Union goes into 2021 with center back depth of Elliot, Glesnes, a new hungry signing and Collin, then the Union won’t have much drop off to their quality on paper for this new season.

While this would sure up the center back depth, other positions on the depth chart would benefit from new signings as well.

Could we see any other new signings?

There is not as much roster turnover as there has been in the past seasons for Philly. The 2021 squad is already poised to be a playoff contender; however, a few new faces could elevate the Union even more.

Should Tanner and the Union look to add players of value in a few positions, they could be on the verge of winning another trophy. The Union has re-signed Kai Wagner to a contract extension. This sures up any question marks about adding an outside back, at least for now. But what if Philadelphia was to invest some of the money they received from selling McKenzie and Aaronson? What if the Union got a guy that would push them to championship contention?

Will Tanner bring in a new bigger signing?

If Tanner was to go out and get a player worth three-to-four-million-dollars, who would come in and take over a position, then the Union would rise to the next level. Think of a four-million-dollar striker or a three-million-dollar attacking midfielder. It may seem unlikely, but players like this, are now attainable for Philly. Especially if their homegrown pipeline keeps producing players that are sold for big sums.

While this is all speculation, and there have been no Union transfer rumors, these types of signings would make a huge difference and impact. It’s the difference between being a playoff team and being a true contender. Take a look at how the Columbus Crew utilized Lucas Zelerayan to win the 2020 MLS Cup, and try to tell anyone that an investment in a rising-star won’t result in silverware!

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Mandatory Credit: Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire