Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov wants the NHL season to start as soon as possible

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The status of the 2020-2021 NHL season is still massively up in the air right now. Nobody knows how it will start, when it will start, or even where. This huge breath after such an intense playoff is beginning to give players the itch to get back out on the Ice, especially considering we’re now over a month into what should be the 2021 season. Ivan Provorov is no exception.

Flyers defender Ivan Provorov recently spoke with about his stunning 2019-20 campaign and what lies ahead.

– 62% of NHL hockey players agreed to play the next season in bubbles. If they are, then for 10-12 days, after which the team will leave for home, and then return again. How do you like that?

– If it is necessary, it should be done. It’s not good to sit without hockey for a long time either. You don’t have to take a big break. For example, people who have not made it to the playoffs have been without hockey for eight months. Therefore, if we need to start in a bubble and then go to games in our stadiums, it’s okay. Or immediately start in their stadiums without fans, and then fans will join. That’s okay, too. The main thing is not to sit for a long time and try to start the season as soon as possible.

What if it’s shortened? They call the number about 50 matches. Does it matter to you?

Depending on what the League wants to do. If the League wants to return to the schedule when the playoffs end in mid or late June, and the new season begins in October, then a short season will approach this schedule. And if they want to play as many games as possible, that is, 82, then they will have to play again in the summer without the playoffs. Both options are fine for me.

It’s clear that Provy, like many, shares a mindset of wanting hockey back ASAP so long as it’s safe and controlled. It’s still unclear whether the NHL will make any amendments to the rules of the game in order to kickstart the season sooner, much like we’ve seen with the OHL and the suspension of body-checking.

With 13 goals and 36 points to his name through 69 games, Provorov earned the Barry Ashbee Trophy (Best defensive player) and ended a shortened season just four goals away from a new career-high. Sprinkle in 16 power-play goals and emergence on the top unit and you can see why he was so deserving. Provorov also led the team in blocked shots.

Regardless of when the new season starts, the continued development of Ivan Provorov will be a huge factor in the team’s success.

Photo Credit: Alex Mcintyre