Its time for the Sixers to stop star hunting

Joel embiid
PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 05: Philadelphia 76ers Center Joel Embiid (21) looks on during warmups before the Eastern Conference Semifinal Game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers on May 05, 2018 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

The Sixers have built a reputation for being a star hunting organization over the past few seasons. They’ve made moves to land the likes of Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, and Al Horford while being attached to high profile names such as James Harden, LeBron James, Jrue Holiday, Zach LaVine, Paul George, Devin Booker and several others. Now that some time has passed, we’ve seen where this star hunting agenda has gotten them.

The Sixers, despite having two of the most talented players in the NBA on their roster, are seemingly stuck just like they were before The Process era began. They have little financial flexibility thanks to the albatross contracts given to Harris and Horford. Their once plentiful treasure trove of picks has dwindled over time as well. Chasing big names has proven to be very consequential for the Sixers. 

Hiring Daryl Morey to run the franchise could be a sign that their star hunting days aren’t over. Morey has a record for going after big names. However, Morey is already inheriting two young stars with the Sixers. The best route to take this offseason would be to focus on surrounding Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with the best complimentary pieces instead of trying to pair them with a third star

We’ve seen teams be successful with only two main guys. The Lakers won the championship this year by surrounding LeBron James and Anthony Davis with rotation guys who know how to play their given roles. Danny Green, Alex Caruso, Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo were all a big part of the Lakers’ success. The Sixers should take a similar approach this offseason.

The Sixers have failed miserably in the past at filling out this roster with complimentary pieces to support Simmons and Embiid. They both need shooters around them to thrive. They need guys who know how to move without the ball and can defend in space. Naturally, the Sixers went out and got a center to play next to them and lost their only sharpshooter in JJ Redick. They attempted to run a gargantuan lineup with Ben Simmons, Josh Richardson, Tobias Harris, Al Horford and Joel Embiid. To say it produced disappointing results would be an understatement. 

Only six players on the Sixers roster shot over 36% from the three point line this season (not including Glenn Robinson III, who only shot 33.3% with the team). Out of those six, only  four shot over 38% and only two shot over 40%. That isn’t very good for a team that is begging for more spacing.

The Sixers need to put their focus on better supporting the two stars they already have. There is no question that Simmons and Embiid are talented enough to get the job done. They just need the right pieces around them in order to excel together. Daryl Morey has a really tough job ahead of him but if there is anyone who can get the Sixers out of this mess and catapult them back into contention, it’s him.

Mandatory Credit – Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire