Should the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson over anti-semitic Instagram posts?


For those still unaware, DeSean Jackson made some very regrettable Instagram posts over the course of the 4th of July weekend. These posts contained a photo of Louis Farrakhan, a well-known anti-semite and Nation of Islam leader, and a story including a quote (seemingly falsely) attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with what DeSean Jackson is seemingly trying to say during a time of severe unrest, emotional discomfort, and social uprising against the injustices faced by minorities, there is never a time to proudly stand behind the words of the most disgusting Human to ever live. Squiggling out the parts including his name thereafter to highlight the point you agree with only shows a further awareness of knowing who this material has been (seemingly incorrectly) attributed to and a willingness to push the agenda anyway.

At best, it’s flat-out ignorance, at worst, it’s an absolutely terrifying admission to being part of a much bigger problem.

Jackson and the Eagles both released statements on Tuesday regarding his actions:

The question is, what should the Eagles do next? The team don’t seem too intent on cutting the team-legend. Words ‘educate, learn, and grow’ wouldn’t be used to close out that statement if they were going to go down that route.

Let’s not forget that when Riley Cooper was spotted saying a racial slur at a concert, the Eagles used it as an educational moment for the white wide receiver. He isn’t the first to make a monumental mistake and have his team gloss over it.

But this just feels different. I have no doubt that Jackson was trying to send the right message and did so in the wrong way, but this isn’t a Nick Bosa social media post from years ago, or a text from rookie QB Jake Fromm. Jackson, who had been wrongly accused of being linked to gangs at one point in his career, has clearly been through enough controversial hardship to understand what is and isn’t acceptable. He’s 33-years old, not 23. There is no excuse for a man of his age to act so ignorantly in a time where as a society, we are all striving to be better and use our platforms to share the right message. It’s terrifying to me that a little alarm bell didn’t go off that sharing a misquote from Adolf Hitler was a bad idea.

Jackson is responsible for mentoring names like rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor this year. It’s not the example you want your veteran leader to set.

I don’t know what the Eagles will do with DeSean Jackson, but in a time where the Washington Redskins are being pushed to change their name and actions from many are leading to a total reconstruction and consequences that should absolutely be faced, the action has to be severe.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports