What would Philadelphia Eagles soccer chants sound like?


Today is a special day. My favorite Soccer team (Charlton Athletic) were promoted to the Championship exactly one year ago today after years of heartbreak and uncertainty off-the-pitch due to terrible ownership. This, coinciding with a clash of Bundesliga Giants got me thinking – what if Eagles fans adopted Soccer chants? What would they sound like?

Now I’m not expecting the Linc to suddenly erupt in Soccer chants. Football is a very different game and has a contrasting culture. The noise made by fans is deafening throughout, more of a hindrance to the opposition, and can change the atmosphere completely. But it’s at least fun to imagine, especially considering Eagles fans have adopted one already without knowing it…

No one likes us, no one likes us

The infamous chant from that iconic 2017 season actually originated with a team whose name I refuse to type for personal reasons – We’ll just call them The Dallas Cowboys of England and Charlton’s biggest rival. Here’s the original below:

So with that in mind, here are ten chants Eagles fans could adopt. Be it at small social gatherings, tailgates, the PSN live streams which are bound to feature many (if not all) of them or just singing along to yourself.

Allez Allez Allez

Made famous in England by Liverpool, it didn’t take fans long to create their own version of the catchy song that now echoes through stands across the country every Saturday. My personal favorite is obviously the Charlton one…because…well, Charlton.

Eagles version

Every Sunday night we follow,
The boys in midnight green,
No-one else likes Philly,
We’re angry and we’re mean,
Doug Pederson, Nick Foles,
Won SB 52,
We’re the Philadelphia Eagles,
We’re coming after you,
Allez Allez Allez

I think it’s got a nice ‘ring’ to it…

Howie had a dream

One of my favorite chants in recent years is this. There’s something quite powerful about that final line of ‘We’re ……. we’re on our way back’.

The Eagles version


You know where this one’s going…


This one is fairly easy to replace Clayton Thorson with any player whose name fits the syllable pattern…but there’s one who fits it perfectly – Alex Singleton. Although, Miles Sanders kiiinda works as he fits the Thorson mold. Honorable mentions would include Captain Cre’Von.


Another personal favorite, this can be molded around any player who fits the syllable pattern.

Eagles version

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart,
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears,
I’ll give it to (Pick from Miles Sanders, John Hightower, Andre Dillard, Captain Cre’Von, Brandon Graham, Javon Hargrave, T.J Edwards, K’Von Wallace)

We’ve got Wallace

My brother is a die-hard West Ham fan as my Mother was raised in the area. When I tell you that this chant dominated my household for a year when Dimi broke out in sensational fashion, I mean it. It’s such a fun chant.

Eagles versions

We’ve got Wallace,
K’Von Wallace,
I just don’t think you understand,
He’s friends with Weapon-X,
He’s better than the rest,
We’ve got K’Von Wallace

We’ve got Goedert,
Dallas Goedert,
I just don’t think you understand,
From South Dakota State,
Maddox is his mate
We’ve got Dallas Goedert

Give us a wave

A classic.

Eagles version

Will Parks, give us wave!
Will Parks, Will Parks give us a wave!

We’re gonna win a Super Bowl

A relatively new chant, this one is harder to adopt due to needing a 3-2 syllable name…but I’ve found away

Eagles version

Davion Taylor,
Running side to side Taylor,
Makes receivers slide Taylor,
We’re gonna win a Super Bowl

Cause we’ve got…

This is just a banger. I remember being in a night club a few months ago and seeing a bald man in his 40’s just at the edge of the dancefloor. We chanted this for the remainder of the night.

Eagles chant

Say that you want me (Say that you want me)
All of the time (All of the time)
Say that you need me (Say that you need me)
Always be mine (Always be mine)
We’ve got Carson Wentz
We’ve got Carson Wentz
We’ve got Carson Wentz
So glad you’re mine

Si Senior

A Liverpool belter. I wanted to find a way to include Jalen Reagor. It’s not the smoothest, but it does the job.

Eagles version

Si Senior
Get the ball to Reagor he will score
There’s something that the birds want you to know
He wears number 18 and we love him so
Our star wideout, give him the ball he’ll score without a doubt

Jason Kelce

Another favorite of mine, this one is fairly easy to mold too.

Eagles version

Jason Kelce,
Jason Kelce,
He hates the Cowboys, he makes all the noise
His hair is always massive

Which one is your favorite? Is there a chant I’ve missed that you could ‘Phillyfy? Let me know in the comments!

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports