Report: Eagles still searching for a veteran running back


There’s never a dull week when it comes to the Eagles, even in the midst of a global pandemic. According to Mike Silver, the Eagles are among those interested in the services of veteran running back Devonta Freeman.

The Eagles failed to add a running back this offseason outside of a UDFA pairing and the return of Corey Clement. It’s clear Miles Sanders is the star of the show, but it would be wise to add a veteran back who is effective on short-distance looks and is a downhill thumper to change the pace, much like Jordan Howard was one year ago.

ESPN’s Adam Caplan added to Silver’s report by sprinkling a little more fuel over the fire.

This isn’t the first time the Eagles have been linked with a veteran running back this offseason and I’d be shocked if it’s the last. What’s interesting here is that the team are shooting for the lowest price possible. A veteran’s minimum deal would cost around $790k, less than 25% of what had been offered by Seattle. The Eagles may have to open their pockets if it’s one of the premier remaining free agents they want.

Freeman’s fit is obvious. A young, explosive talent, much like Jordan Howard once was. The difference here is that Freeman just isn’t the same runner he was a few years ago.

The 5’8, 206 lbs, back still hit 656 yards in 14 games last season. A lot of people linked this ‘down-year’ with the surgery he underwent in 2018 for a groin injury which kept him out of 14 games.

Freeman isn’t a big-bruiser and will basically fill the same role that Corey Clement should’ve done last year. Will it come at a cost? Maybe. But 16 teams drafted a running back last year and there’s no real opportunity to secure a big bag and become a bell-cow at this stage. He may have to cut his nose to spite his face and take on a change-of-pace role…and Philly may, just may be a nice ‘prove-it’ destination…but it’s going to cost more than a veteran’s minimum to bring him to the City of Brotherly Love.

 Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports