Quarterback Jalen Hurts reveals his Eagles jersey number

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has revealed his first number in the NFL. The rookie took to twitter to announce that as he has throughout the majority of his career, he will don the #2.

I suppose this is kind of fitting given that he will be the QB2 behind Carson Wentz and was of course taken in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. But as shown in a very impressive hype video, Hurts will be able to return to the jersey number that has followed him throughout his career.

Previous Eagles to wear the #2 include Joe Pilconis, Mike Michel, Mike Horan, Dean Dorsey, Steve DeLine, and of course, David Akers.

The last quarterback to wear #2 was former fourth-round pick Matt Barkley, who is still with the Buffalo Bills.

Hurts’ best season was with Oklahoma in 2019. He threw for the highest amount of yards in his college career (3,851) with a 69% completion rate and his best touchdown to interception ratio (32:8). Hurts also ran for 1,298 yards, coming second in the Heisman race to Joe Burrow.

Much has been said of the decision to draft Hurts, but all of that speculation is beginning to turn into excitement about how the Eagles plan to use such a versatile and talented player.

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One thought on “Quarterback Jalen Hurts reveals his Eagles jersey number

  1. I would love nothing better than to see the Eagles employ a two QB type system. I’m certain that Doug can and has already drawn up a bunch of plays for that. IMHO, they had a plan to draft Hurts all along. They get a quality backup like we had with Foles, because let’s face it, Sudfield is never going to step in and take the Eagles anywhere. Quite honestly, I would very much like to see them stop trying to convert Kahlil Tate to a WR. He has about as much chance of sticking on the final roster as a WR than I do…but as the 3rd QB who can also take reps with the receivers, that’s a different story. Tate threw for over 6,300+ yds, and ran for another 2,200+. He throws a great deep ball and if you could imagine him or Hurts in the backfield with Wentz, or lined up in the slot, or….. I would love to see the Eagles shock the NFL with exciting new plays. It would create so many opportunities to score by constantly moving the chains. 20-25% of the plays would be a nice round number

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