Five things to know about Eagles rookie Jack Driscoll


The next player to be featured in this series is Auburn’s Jack Driscoll, who arguably makes for one of the most interesting prospects selected by the Eagles due to the circumstance he was drafted and what immediately happened after.

Here are five things you need to know!

The move inside

His 45 starts at Auburn may have ranked 10th among FBS offensive linemen, but the spot in which he grew so consistent may not be the one in which the Eagles groom him at.

Driscoll, standing at 6-5, 306 lbs, is as athletic as they come, and while having a shorter wingspan, brings plenty of explosion to the table. Kent Lee Platte’s ‘RAS’ formula highlights just how impressive the fourth-round pick looks.

The Eagles may have traded with the Cowboys before watching them take a center with that very pick, but the Eagles may well have been playing 4D chess while Jerry Jones was playing checkers. In his first presser as an Eagle, Driscoll was asked about a potential move inside and it suddenly seemed extremely likely.

I’m just prepared for any position they need me to play. I want to help the team win ball games, so whatever position that is, I’ll be more than happy to learn and hopefully play that position.

The center is something I’ve really worked on throughout this process, and understanding being able to snap the ball makes you just that much more valuable. Like I said, any position they ask for, I’ll do it.

Auburn’s offensive line coach and offensive analyst both recommended that Driscoll started learning to snap the ball early in the pre-draft process. That may have been a decision that ultimately led him to Philadelphia.

An affinity for Eagles fans

Like every draft pick, Driscoll was asked about his knowledge of Philadelphia and its notorious fanbase. His response will sit very well with anybody who has put on a midnight green jersey in support of the Birds.

I grew up kind of near Philly, not too close, so I understand that the Philly fans are the best in the NFL, and there is no question about that. They’re passionate. I want to earn their respect. I’ll play well and the Philadelphia Eagles are an incredible organization. They’re one of the most respected in the NFL, if not the most respected.

So, I am so honored to be able to play for this organization, and for them to take a chance on me truly means a lot. I’m excited. My dad, one thing he stresses is keep your head down and work. You have to earn the — it’s kind of cool — I kind of have a leg up in the sense that I had to go earn the respect of my teammates from Auburn from UMass, and it’s going to be similar now being the new guy and the youngest guy in the room.

I don’t want to be too premature in saying this, but this draft class feels very ‘Philly’. Every player appears to be outspoken in their work ethic and affinity for the area. Howie Roseman did mention he wanted to find players who ‘loved football’ and maybe this is a result of that change of heart.

A keen learner

Before even being drafted by the Eagles, the Madison CT native had already broken down tape on what would be his future team.

So I understand you have a pro-style, and I might not know all their calls and terminology right now, but at the end of the day, it’s all pretty similar. So it’s something that I try to watch NFL film on my iPad that I still have from Auburn every day. Just watch the schemes.

So I’ve watched the Eagles a few times — quite a few times — and just trying to understand what their calls are, how they’re ID’ing stuff. Just that way when it’s time to ultimately play, I already have a leg up.

There’s no doubting that Driscoll’s head is in the perfect place. He wants to learn and is already dissecting everything he can about teams at the NFL level. It made sense that the Eagles, who boast one of the best lines in the league, would be an early choice to study, but it’s beyond encouraging to hear that kind of dedication to the craft.

Idolizing a teammate

We know that Jalen Reagor, K’Von Wallace, and John Hightower have all molded their games after an Eagle and Jack Driscoll is no exception.

Yeah, I mean, [T] Lane Johnson is someone I’ve always really watched and someone I’ve tried to pattern some of my game after. He’s a tremendous player and someone I’m looking forward to getting to work with.

Yeah, they’re all great players, and it’s just when you see someone like those guys who have had that much success, you watch them and say, ‘Okay, what are they doing? How are they blocking this type of pass rusher? What are they doing on this, run blocking, that makes them so successful?’

I always try to watch the best players in the league, and the Eagles clearly have some of the best up front. I’m excited to get to work in that room.

The Eagles really have been meticulous about every single Draft pick here…

Football Smarts

The offensive line is a deceiving group of positions to watch. To the naked eye, it’s 300+ lbs, men trying to maul each other to the ground. When you dive deeper and learn how quickly they have to process information, find their assignments and understand how to stop varying styles of pass-rushers, it’s easy to see why they’re among the most intelligent on the team.

Driscoll fits that mold perfectly, as someone with an undergraduate degree in hospitality and tourism management from UMass and a graduate degree from Auburn’s Harbert College of Business.

So it’s something that it really helps being able to be a fast learner and pick things up quickly just makes it that much easier. Especially when I’m going to have to come in and learn a new offense. Also having the study habits I have from earning my Masters and my undergrad, will just help me kind of understand for me how I learn and what the best way for me to do that is.

Yeah, they definitely helped. Like you said, it doesn’t necessarily mean just because you’re smart off the field, that you’re going to be a smart football player. But for me, I think it translates. It’s something I’m really looking forward to learning the new system.

The Eagles might be onto something special here…

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