What does the Eagles’ need for speed mean for Alshon Jeffery?


The 2020 NFL Draft was a rollercoaster for the Philadelphia Eagles. After selecting three wide receivers and trading for a fourth, Howie Roseman stood pat on the fact that Alshon Jeffery will be an Eagle this season. But what does the future actually hold for the man with a cap hit of $15.4M in 2020?

The Eagles drafted Jalen Reagor in the first round to finally give Carson Wentz the deep-threat he deserves. In doing so, you now have a unique pairing of DeSean Jackson and Jalen Reagor on the outside, opposite of one another. Why stop there? You want to wear defenses down and that’s just not a part of Alshon’s game, one could even debate that Alshon isn’t even a part of Carson’s game.

With both speedsters on the outside now, you’re probably thinking that Alshon can play the slot, or perhaps DeSean Jackson, which is far more likely…but even that will cause a minor hiccup. Doing so would go against the Eagles’ coveted 12-personnel looks. Two burners on the outside and two prolific tight ends on the inside. It’s like ordering an Oreo donut with vanilla filling. Yup, it’s that good.

It’s also worth noting that he may miss a significant amount of time next season due to his injury, anyway. If anything, this paves a slight hole for last year’s second-round pick, J.J Arcega-Whiteside, to slip into. A possession receiver holding down the fort, JJAW may benefit from weaker CB matchups with all attention being diverted to the rapid receivers elsewhere. If he can even so much as prove himself worthy of a starting spot, there may not be a role for Alshon to return to.

That’s the exact reason they traded for Goodwin, to add a reliable pass catcher that can take the top off defenses. Plus, Goodwin’s speed will allow him to rotate in and out with Reagor or Jackson. The nonstop speed at all times.

So, why can’t the Eagles cut the problematic veteran? If the Eagles cut Alshon with a post-June 1st designation, his cap hit this season will be about $16 million and next season the Eagles will have about $10 million in dead money. Fortunately, right now they can afford that as the team still has $23 million in cap space…but if the Eagles can somehow trade away the disgruntled star, the hit this season would only be $5 million with about $10 million in dead money next season.

Trading a receiver who has been associated with so much controversy and is battling an ongoing injury isn’t easy, let alone one that will cost such a silly amount of money.

The team has a long way to go until we can actually see what this offense will look like on the field but until then, Alshon Jeffery’s future will be a hot topic after what the Eagles did during the draft. Either way, the curtains look to be closing on his tenure. 

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports