Five bold predictions for Eagles must-win Monday Night matchup


The Eagles saved their season last week with a win over New York, but now they have to do it all over again under the primetime lights. For the year, our bold prediction series at 15/55…(Because nobody likes scoring on easy predictions, right?) so like the Birds, we’re scrapping to keep our season alive. The question is, can the Eagles walk out of Monday Night victorious? Here are my five bold predictions for this matchup.


Wizarding Wentz:
Carson Wentz was able to silence the ‘clutch’ arguments for a short while with his late-drive to put Jake Elliott in field goal range last week, but it’s safe to say that he’s not quite as explosive as he used to be and that’s totally normal and expected. An ACL recovery can take up to two years and Wentz is still balling like a top 10 QB, just one that is loading a tremendous amount of pressure on his shoulders and as a result his mechanics are beginning to stiffen. His footwork is a little more static, his throws lower and his eyes fixed on a receiver. That will all change in time, but Wentz also shines extremely brightly under the primetime lights…

Remember the last time he met the Washington Redskins on a Monday Night? If you don’t, let me jog your memory.

My first bold prediction is for Wentz to look a little closer to his old self tonight, tallying 300 yards, 2+ TD passes and committing no turnovers.



Run the ball:
We’ve been screaming it for weeks and it finally looks as though Josh Adams is going to be more of a pivotal figure in the Eagles rushing attack. With a touchdown in each of his last two games and an increased workload to boot, the UDFA has been a pleasant surprise as Pederson works on balancing his offense.

The Redskins run defense is certainly a top-1- unit, especially with two lightning-fast linebackers at the second level. But after giving up 121 yards to Zeke Elliott last week, there may be a slight wobble for the Birds to capitalize on. My second bold prediction is for Josh Adams to hit 80 yards and score his third touchdown in as many weeks.


It’s not yet known whether or not Rasul Douglas is healthy enough to start, but he should be active later tonight according to Doug Pederson. If that’s the case, it will bring a sense of comfort to some of the more inexperienced corners, who despite holding their own in the second half after some adjustments, will be targeted early and often with a more capable quarterback facing them.

Thirdly, I predict that the redemption of Rasul Douglas will kickstart tonight. Douglas failed to make the most of his recent starting opportunities, but if granted a moment on the big stage tonight, he will breakup a pair of passes, picking off one of them.


Jernigan’s jest:
Timmy Jernigan was eased back into the swing of things last week, playing just 32% of snaps. This time, things will be a little different. Stopping Adrian Peterson and marginalizing the offense has to be a priority and the Redskins have been ravaged by heartbreaking offensive line injuries. It will be down to the front four to dominate as they did one year ago, making life extremely difficult for Colt McCoy. 

Penultimately, I predict that Jernigan’s presence will help the defensive line generate some much needed momentum. Jernigan will record his first sack since returning from injury and also generate 1.5 tackles for a loss.


Alshon shines:
Our writer, Morgan Burkett, dropped some heat this morning on the statistical decline of Alshon Jeffery following the Golden Tate trade. If there is ever a time for Alshon to heat up, it’s now.

Left out in the cold since Eagles traded for Golden Tate, it’s time for Alshon Jeffery to rise

There’s a good chance that the linebacking corps and hawk-like safeties (with Swearinger having 5 picks this year already) will remove Zach Ertz from his comfort zone, or at least make him a far less reliable target. Wentz is going to need someone to lean on and that man has to be Alshon Jeffery, because that’s what the Eagles paid him to be.

I’m predicting Alshon Jeffery will record his first 100+ yard game of the year and score a touchdown in the process.


What are your predictions tonight? Let us know down below!


Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports