The Eagles 2020 Draft Class but as songs by The 1975


The 2020 Draft class in the books and while there is plenty of super serious analysis to be found both here and elsewhere, I wanted to take a lighter approach on this cold Monday afternoon.

Many of you know that my favorite band is The 1975. When listening to songs that make you miss your ex girlfriend and writing up an article, I started to wonder which songs by the band from Manchester would best fit each Eagles rookie.

Jalen Reagor: It’s not living (if it’s not with you)

The song may about drug-addiction, but the lyrics can be interpreted in a way that references a love so strong that it’s debilitating to live without. Jalen Reagor is everything the Eagles wanted and more with their first-round pick. Speed, versatility, high-character, and a huge upside.

This 80’s-style pop anthem not only brings a sense of joy when whaling out how much you love someone, and I have a feeling that Eagles fans may well have their next true love at wide receiver here, making this the perfect song.

Key lyric: Distract my brain from the terrible news, it’s not living if it’s not with you.

Jalen Hurts: I always wanna die (Sometimes)

The title sums it up perfectly. Nobody saw this coming and although everybody has tried to understand the logic, it doesn’t make the risk associated with such a high-draft pick any less terrifying.

But hidden within this emotional ballad is a silver lining. A desire to keep going while admitting that we all feel that same way at the best of times. Eagles fans have no choice but to accept the Jalen Hurts pick and hope it pans out…but it doesn’t remove their desire to yeet something into a brick wall out of frustration.

Key lyric: If you can’t survive, just try

Davion Taylor: Give yourself a try

A song paced so quickly in order to potray a sense of anxiety, ‘Give Yourself a Try’ is a nice reflection on lessons learned as we begin to veer into adulthood. The tempo of the song and the mentality to just take a shot is key here.

Taylor is a very raw prospect who has far less experience than many of his linebacking draft-mates, but he has speed for days and some eyebrow-raising range for an outside backer…making this song the perfect association.

Key lyric: So just give yourself a try

K’Von Wallace: Robbers

Wallace may have been a fourth-round pick, but the love for his play was clear. The Eagles love the Clemson Safety and with good reason. His skill set is a moldable one and a collection of traits that may one day be able to replace the heartbeat of their defense, Malcolm Jenkins.

Robbers is an ode to those all-or-nothing relationships that stick in our heads and hearts for a lifetime. Not only is it always a painfully beautiful listen, but it somehow adds a sense of being at peace with letting go – passing the torch from Jenkins to Wallace if you will.

Key lyric: She had a face straight out a magazine, God only knows but you’ll never leave her

Jack Driscoll: A change of Heart

This one’s nice and simple. Jack Driscoll was drafted as a tackle but stated that he’d been working on a transition to center during his first presser as an Eagle. ‘A change of heart’, if you will.

The song alludes to one day just feeling differently about a person/relationship. Switch that for a football position and hello Jack Driscoll.

Key lyrics: I just sat in self pity and cried in the car, oh I just had a change of heart

John Hightower: I couldn’t be more in love

My ultimate draft crush. This song personifies the fear of losing a career and something you’ve given your all into while expressing just how much it means to you.

It also pertains to my love for John Hightower. The Boise State receiver stole my heart when watching film and I had him ranked as my ninth highest receiver. This was the easiest song to link with a rookie.

Key lyrics: I’d give you all the years of my life

Shaun Bradley: Milk

I don’t really know what to say about this pick. Bradley is a very raw prospect with some upside for ILB. We know the Eagles don’t value the position as they once did, so the only song I could think of was one with a very specific chorus referencing a one-time thing that turned into a habit..

The song was also originally an easter egg hidden 23 minutes after the end of ‘You’ on an EP. A hidden Gem.

Key lyric: And now she’s doing it all the time

Quez Watkins: Menswear

A song about getting high at a wedding, Menswear is the perfect fit for Watkins due to one line and one line only. The Eagles ended up with 4 new receivers at the end of Draft weekend, leaving Watkins somewhat on the outside looking in. But he’s got all the traits needed to develop into a deep-threat at the NFL level.

Key lyrics: He looks just like me but 6’3, so I reckon you could knock him out

Prince Tega Wanogho: Fallingforyou

A late-round steal, Tega Wanogho could well become the heir to the backup Tackle throne that was recently vacated. All it takes is one game of film to see how this monstrous lineman will fit into Jeff Stoutland’s plans – leaving you falling for him.

Break out the sap!

Key lyrics: I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck

Casey Toohill: Paris

The title alone does this for me. The Eagles waited way too long to draft a defensive end and while Toohill is a project, it could be a case of too little, too late.

Paris is another song about drugs, but more importantly one about reminiscing about easier times. A time when the Eagles drafted defensive ends before the fourth round as opposed to relying on raw talent to contribute instantly, for instance.

Key lyric: I’ve spent all my money on your friends. How I’d love to go to Paris again

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports