Eagles weekly mailbag: Should the Eagles trade up or trade back?


Quarantine is starting to get to everyone’s heads and the NFL Draft is now just a matter of days away. I decided to host an ‘after dark’ mailbag on Twitter and these are the questions you all wanted answers to.

I think it depends on how highly you rate Simmons. To me, he’s Derwin James 2.0 and that would be a dream fit for this defense. If the Eagles can pick up Hamler in the second and end up coming away with a player so lethally talented in the first-round, I’d be more than okay with giving up those picks and my last Easter Egg.

I haven’t decided yet, but I’ve kinda missed having long hair. I may shave the back and sides, but the man bun is becoming an essential part of the LJ brand.

It’s a good question. I think there’s a good chance that Howie Roseman has done a lot of self-reflection and realized he can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to draft depth. If there’s a chance to take great talent, sometimes that upside outweighs the value in later rounds and he’s been stung before. The recent coaching changes would certainly hint at a new era.

Great question. I wish I had a more in-depth answer, but it varies. I’ve heard stories of some bizarre methods. From a scout taking a prospect out to dinner to see how quickly he reads off the menu and decides what to order, to another prospect being asked what his favorite TV show was growing up. A LOT of it obviously what you see on film and how well the player understands his assignments and the bigger picture, but mental processing and decision-making also play roles.

I’d trade up for CeeDee Lamb in a heartbeat. I can’t see it happening, but we can all dream. I have a real feeling the signings of Parks and Mills were to negate that linebacker depth and both will play inside the box heavily in 2020.

I started running…which for me is terrifying. I n e v e r exercise but felt like I had to get out of the house and started trying to jog around 2 miles each day. My time’s improving with each effort which is rewarding and I’m burning off all the Red Bull I’ve consumed over the last five years or so…kinda.

Incredible. It blows my mind knowing that we’ve got so many Eagles fans together and that so many new friendships have started. The PSN Discord is elite in every sense of the word and we’re blessed to have such a thriving community.

It really depends on who it is. I think Patrick Queen would be your three-down MIKE but I’d want Murray outside to begin with due to his occasional struggles getting off blocks. He’s a ridiculous athlete and would give you a real sideline-to-sideline weapon.


Murray has the higher floor, I think Queen has the higher ceiling. It depends what you’re looking for in a linebacker. From an Eagles perspective, I’ll take Queen knowing that Parks and Mills are going to play in the box and Nate Gerry is coming off of a somewhat developmental season outside and is likely in their longer-term plans.

I really, really, really, really, really (x12) can’t see the Eagles moving on from Ertz and struggle to understand why so many are willing to. The Eagles live and die in 12 personnel and having two stud tight ends who can block as well as they catch is not only a blessing, it’s like having two star receivers. No way he goes.

1a) Yes. 1B) Jefferson is the only receiver I’d take at 21. Mims and Reagor (depending on the board) should be in the 24-35 range in my opinion. Jefferson’s hands are the safest and he comes with the highest floor of that entire trio in my opinion.

It depends on who for. I think a trade-up would probably give the most instant satisfaction because it’s replacing a focus on value for a focus on talent, something that has recently been confused when it comes to stacked draft classes.

Oooooh. I hope Kelce keeps the mullet, it’s beautiful. Oh, you said heir…not hair. I think we have to see how this draft class pans out as they may well draft someone like Matt Hennessey or Tyler Biadasz. Ertz should receive a spicy new contract extension before then, but I feel the biggest question is probably going to be contract related. Those backloaded deals start spikng soon and the players who have lacked guaranteed money in years past suddenly get their bag. It’ll be a year of re-worked deals, new contracts, and some surprise moves in order to keep that cap space thriving.

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