Flyers’ Joel Farabee Reflects on his rookie season


In the previous edition of Philly Sports Network’s “Flyers Check-In,” we caught up with Sean Couturier. Yesterday, Joel Farabee was featured on a conference call during the NHL 2019-2020 season pause. In his rookie season, Farabee is on the cusp of being a top ten scorer for the Philadelphia Flyers. The nineteen-year-old is the best rookie on the roster. Here’s what we took away while checking-in with Farabee:

Quarantine Joel

Similar to his teammates, Joel Farabee is doing workouts to stay in shape during the COVID19 quarantine. He’s staying at home but is still focused on this NHL season. Farabee is hopeful to get back to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

“Doing what I can for workouts until all of this clears up and hopefully we can get back to Philly.”

Joel Farabee; 4/16/2020

Empty Arena Hockey

It’s a concept that hasn’t been a reality in the NHL. The opportunity to continue a season in front of no fans. “We just want to play hockey,” said Joel Farabee. As much as the players just want to play hockey, Philadelphia Flyers fans want to watch hockey. Playing in an empty arena this season would be different, but it allows for meaningful hockey.

“I think we’d know the games would be broadcasted and a lot of people would be watching anyways. I don’t think it would be a too big of a problem to get up for games and stuff like that.”

Joel Farabee; 4/16/2020

“Philly Joel” on His Rookie Season

This has been a rookie season to remember for Joel Farabee. Whether it is because of the pause in the actual season due to COVID19 or if it is because he started this season, not on the Philadelphia Flyers roster, patience has been key. Farabee traveled with the Flyers to Prague to play the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL Global Series. He may not have played in that particular game against the Blackhawks, but he did record his first-ever NHL point against Chicago on October 24th, 2019. That was the official start of production towards a stable rookie season.

“The way I look at it, to be able to play as many games as I did this year is a positive for me. I think if we finish this year and even in the next year, I think I would like to produce a little bit more.”

Joel Farabee; 4/16/2020

Joel Farabee has a promising future in the NHL with the Philadelphia Flyers. As his teammates have done, Farabee credits playing at home with the fans in attendance is one of the greatest feelings. It’s the routine and familiarity of playing at home that grooms the Flyers to be an elite home team. Alain Vigneault is a coach that is great for preparing his lineup and team to perform. With Farabee’s rookie head coach being Vigneault, “Philly Joel” is on the road to success in the NHL.