Flyers’ Sean Couturier opens up on Selke nomination and quarantine life


In the last edition of Philly Sports Network’s “Flyers Check-In,” we got up to speed with Carter Hart. Today, Sean Couturier was featured on a conference call during the NHL 2019-2020 season pause. Second in scoring on the Philadelphia Flyers, Couturier is arguably the best player in Orange and Black. He’s one of the most dynamic forwards in the entire NHL. Here’s what we took away from checking in with Couturier:

Couts Adapts to Quarantine Life

Currently, Sean Couturier is still at his townhouse in downtown Philadelphia. His wife is going through the process to receive her green card and after, they’re both going back home. Home, for Couturier, is Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. Over the past month, Couturier reflected on how things have changed since the NHL paused play.

“All the precautions are updating every day. It’s quite different just going to the grocery store, getting some food. There are some places now where you absolutely have to wear a mask. If you don’t have one, they don’t let you in.”

Sean Couturier; 4/14/2020

Since the Philadelphia Flyers played the Boston Bruins, the world has changed drastically. Not just the sports landscape, but livelihood in general. For Sean Couturier, it’s about being patient and waiting for this pandemic out.

Couts Talks Playoffs and the Selke Award

“For sure, before this all happened, it was pretty exciting. It was fun to be a part of. We were all kind of on the same page with our mindset and making a push in the playoffs.”

Sean Couturier: 4/14/2020

Before the NHL was suspended due to COVID-19, the Philadelphia Flyers were the most exciting team in Philadelphia. The Flyers became an elite NHL franchise just before our very eyes. Arguably, Philadelphia was the hottest team in the NHL with a playoff spot. Sean Couturier contributed heavily as the Flyers climbed the standings. He’s the leading candidate for the Frank J. Selke Award.

“Obviously, I am happy and honored just to be mentioned in the award talks. Just another year. Another year where I improved and as a team, we evolved and got better as the year went on.”

Sean Couturier: 4/14/2020

A consummate professional, Sean Couturier is vastly skilled and continues to have the driving force to improve. He understands that as he grows, the Philadelphia Flyers continue to produce on the ice. It’s the exact reason why he’s a fan favorite in Philadelphia.

Couts Prepares for the Season to Resume

“I think guys are still believing in finishing the year, finishing the playoffs. I am not too sure how everything’s going to go down. I think everyone’s pretty optimistic to give out the Stanley Cup winner this year.”

Sean Couturier; 4/14/2020

These sentiments are shared by Sean Couturier. He’s doing his best to keep his body tuned for the possible continuation of the 2019-2020 NHL regular season. Jokingly, Couturier said his training is doing the laundry and dishes. In reality, Couturier is keeping his strong work ethic while keeping his townhouse spotless.

“Seriously, every day I am going for a walk or a run. Just home workouts, body weights, push-ups, sit-ups, kind of old school workouts when you’re growing up doing it at home.”

Sean Couturier; 4/14/2020

Keeping In Touch

During quarantine, Sean Couturier has been catching up on his Netflix backlog of films. Couturier confesses that he doesn’t read often, citing the last time he read a book was likely high school. He’s watched “Tiger King” and two seasons of “A Million Little Things” instead. He’s also staying in touch with his teammates in the much talked about group chat. When asked about who is the most active, Couturier’s answer shouldn’t surprise you:

“I gotta go with Kevin Hayes. I’m sure you guys guessed that one. He’s pretty vocal in that group.”

Sean Couturier; 4/14/2020

Photo credit: Alex Mcintyre