Three things to watch as the Flyers kickstart a new week


The Flyers begin their chase for a tenth consecutive win on Tuesday night with a game against the pride of the Atlantic division. There’s a tough run of games ahead, but it all starts with a Boston team who when last facing the Flyers, simply let a shootout….pass them by? Anyway, here are three things to keep an eye out over the next week or so.

Don’t break my Hart

The Flyers’ resident wonderkid has been on top form recently. Carter Hart stopped 38 of 39 Sabres shots on Saturday, marking the 14th occasion in which he’s allowed one or fewer goals. In those games, he’s 12-1-1. Hello.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however. Hart ripped through the final week of February like a hot knife through butter.

He’ll likely get the start in net tonight against the Bruins who have scored 225 goals this season. The Flyers will need their young star to shine brightly in this game and the ones that follow as the schedule doesn’t exactly ease up over the next seven days.

Not-so special teams?

The Flyers have been firing on all cylinders…for the most part. The powerplay has come to a grinding halt over the last three games, with the orange and black converting on just one of their last ten opportunities.

However, the grass is greener on the penalty kill side of the fence. The Flyers have successfully defended all nine of their last shorthanded setbacks, a streak spanning three games. The PK has been exceptional over the last month or so, but they’ll need to find some extra hustle on the power play to help balance it all out.

Complacency compschlacency

It’s safe to say that the Flyers weren’t at their best against the Sabres, but they still found a way to win. The one thing they cannot afford to do in this spot is fall flat.

Jake Voracek came away from Saturday’s win with an intent to keep himself and his teammates accountable. It will be down to Vigneault and the veteran leaders on this team to keep the young guys engaged and playing at their highest level.

“They are our leaders on this team and our players follow their lead.” The Flyers’ Head Coach explained on Saturday evening. “By the way they play and their determination and then their preparation.  We knew we had been pretty average for 40 minutes. But we hadn’t been perfect, but we still had an opportunity to win the game. Good teams find ways to win and we did.”

The Flyers will clash with the Bruins tonight at 7:00 PM.

Photo Credit: Alex Mcintyre