Sixers Roundtable: Is Brett Brown the Sixers’ biggest problem?


With the Sixers season a mixture of home dominance and borderline ineptitude on the road, the question was posed to our Sixers staff here at Philly Sports Network, “Is Brett Brown the problem for the Sixers?” Here’s what our team has to say on the subject. 

Dave Esser:

Brett Brown is not “the” problem, he is just “a” problem. Whether you love or hate Brett as a coach, he has had one of the more challenging jobs in recent NBA history. Over just a few years, he’s gone from coaching one of the worst rosters in the league where everyone was on 10-day or league-min. contracts, to now one of the most expensive and “stacked” rosters in the NBA.

While in theory that should make his job easier, it’s not that simple. Brett has experienced a ton of roster turnover, using a new starting five essentially every season, for 7 years straight. With two max slots open and the ability to sign and trade Jimmy Butler, this past offseason was the year to tailor-make an NBA roster built around Brett and his two All-Stars.

As we all know, the front office massively failed in this regard. They handed Brett a jumbled mess of power forwards and centers with no shooting and no legit bench. Brett’s old ideas and lack of strictness are definitely a problem In Philly currently, but by no means are they the biggest.

Ricky Amandeo:

Brett Brown is not necessarily the only problem for the Sixers, but his firing would be the solution to their problems. 

I think he’s done a great job for Philly since taking over, but someone needs to make a statement in that front office. I’m not one of those guys who thinks Ben NEEDS to shoot, but bringing in a new coach, who doesn’t put up with his lack of listening, could get Ben over the hump. 

To piggyback off this, the Sixers’ inability to hold leads isn’t any secret. Back in November, I wrote a piece ( ) about the Sixers number of blown leads, and how it compares to the league. They may not be as bad as we think, but the firing could leave a statement nonetheless.

Overall, I don’t think BB is the problem, but I think him being fired is inevitable, and needs to happen if the Sixers want to get over the hump.

Tim Sullivan:

Brett Brown is the biggest problem with the current team. The team cannot back and change Brand’s poor decisions from the past offseason, or the owner’s belief that winning now is the way to go, after all of the time spent building the team and picks and players. But Brown’s direct impact on the team is malleable.

Brett Brown cannot control this team. He makes poor personnel choices on the floor, each and every night. He’s constantly out-coached and you can make the case that the only reason why the Sixers are where they are is that the talent is so great that they rise above his flaws. Moving on does seem like a convincing option at this stage.

Zach Ciavololla:

If the Sixers are to be competitive in the post-season they will need to fire Brett Brown. He has no offensive scheme, there is no rhyme or reason to it. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of space and is usually a nightmare out of the timeout. Brown publicly requested Ben Simmons shoot one three-pointer per game, since then Simmons has not shot a single one. Players are tuning him out and he continues to baby them, no team can succeed like that. For all Brown’s issues, the Sixers are also plagued by immaturity, an inexperienced GM and a terrible Owner. Brett Brown is absolutely a problem for the Sixers but he is not THE problem.

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Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports