Trading out of the first round again? Eagles weekly mailbag


It’s time for the third edition of Philly Sports Network’s Eagles weekly mailbag! The combine has started and the wide receivers showed out (I’m writing this before the running backs & defensive players work out). There’s plenty of movement being made because of the great and not so great performances.

A TON of questions this week, thank you for all of your support! Let’s get down to it.

With Burrow and Tua not throwing, which QB’s stock do you expect to rise? Would Herbert or Love being selected early in the first cause a ripple effect?

The more quarterbacks in the top half of the draft, the better for the Eagles. Herbert is a consensus top ten pick, probably sixth to the Chargers. Love can end up going to the Colts or Bucs, same with Jacob Eason. If five QBs go in top 20, that leaves 16 non-QB prospects. Assuming the Eagles don’t trade up, they will still probably be out of the race for Jeudy, Ruggs, and Lamb. That leaves Jalen Reagor, whose 40 time wasn’t as expected (4.47) but still had an explosive broad jump and vertical, and Justin Jefferson, who dropped jaws with his 4.44 40. Non-WR options could be corners Kristian Fulton and C.J. Henderson, interior defensive lineman Javon Kinlaw, and edge rusher Yetur Gross-Matos.

However, the longer the non-Burrow/Tua QBs last, the higher the price to move up, as Philly Voice’s Jimmy Kempski notes:

There will be a ripple effect alright, and it will probably end up as a tsunami.

Who do you think will be our #1 WR this upcoming season?

Oof, what a question.

This is tough. Right now there’s DeSean Jackson, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Greg Ward, Alshon Jeffery (maybe), Robert Davis, and River Cracraft (I don’t know either).

Out of those, the de-facto #1 is DJax, but that group will obviously change.

I’m going to say…..

CeeDee Lamb (big things are coming from Howie, I know it)

Should the Eagles bring back Jordan Howard?

If the price is right.

I think Howard’s best contract is going to come on a one year deal to prove his health. He knows the Eagles playbook (although it will change a bit) and the coaches. Why go somewhere else to play on a one year deal when he can continue to build his value behind one of the best run blocking offensive lines? We saw what he could do healthy, now imagine that with a now unleashed Miles Sanders.

What are the chances we trade back and take a Queen or Murray in the first if Ruggs is gone before 21?


That pains me to write. I want a linebacker in the first so bad, Patrick Queen would do wonders for that defense.

But, as everybody assumes, an Eagles source told me:

They don’t believe in drafting LB’s high.

So there goes that idea.

But if they believe they can still get Jefferson in the first, or strongly believe Hamler or Aiyuk will be there for them in the second, then yeah Howie will trade back. But why do that when they already have ten picks?

Where do you think Ruggs goes after he runs this 4.2 or low 4.3 time?

I think he solidified himself as a top 15 pick. He can go anywhere from 11 to the Jets, 12 to the Raiders, or 15 to the Broncos.

Getting sick of Eagles going down injured. What’s being done about that? What’s the difference between now and 2012 when the birds were among the healthiest?

I think despite the injury count in 2017, the medical staff was let go way too early. A Super Bowl winning team doesn’t fire their medical staff.

It seems like it’s been a patch up job since then. But with the addition of Tom Hunkele, whose 2017 Vikings’ staff won Athletic Training Staff of the Year, and Ted Rath, he was named the Strength Coach of the Year in 2017 by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, I think they’re moving in the right direction.

Is water wet?

Depends how you look at it.

If you’re describing a sensation, which is the ability of a liquid to adhere to a solid, then water isn’t wet on it’s on. We get wet.

But if we say “wet” is just being made of liquid, then yes, water is wet.

What is your favorite cologne?

Image result for calvin klein cologne

The best.

That’s it for me! Thanks to all that submitted questions! Be sure to follow @Infante54 to submit yours!

Mandatory Photo Credit: AP Photo/Michael Conroy