Everything you need to know from Eagles NFL Combine press conference


The NFL Combine is officially here and with it comes a barrage of speculation and questions surrounding the Eagles. Luckily, Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman were on hand to field many of those concerns and shed some light on what to expect in the coming weeks. So what did we learn?


Patience is a virtue:
Many are expecting the Eagles to be aggressive in free agency..and while that may turn out to be the case, Howie Roseman seems very intent on not repeating recent mistakes.

“We don’t want to do something short sighted and lose an opportunity.” Roseman told the media on Wednesday. “The offseason doesn’t begin and end with free agency, it’s certainly a part of it. We’ve got  long time until we play a game. 

We don’t want to force anything. When we look back at the mistakes we’ve made and around the NFL, it’s when you force some things…”…we’re not going to take a player or pick a player in the draft just because of need. “


There’s a focus on being smart:
After reporting last week that Alshon Jeffery was not the receiver at the top of the Eagles free agency shopping list, it seems as though the reasoning is clear. Roseman addressed the pricing of players hitting free agency with a refreshing attitude.

“We’re going to try and minimize our risk. We’re not going to go out and sign a high-price free agent if the value isn’t there, even if that if it’s going to be hard to look at our depth chart for a couple of months.”


Best player available: 
There has been plenty of debate over who the Eagles should draft in the first round..but the addition of Joe Douglas to the front office has continued to re-enforce a view that would imply the team will take the best player available. That much was clear in Roseman’s press conference:

“Let’s take the best player. let’s not miss out on guys we have a third round grade in the sixth round, because we get to the sixth round and we haven’t drafted a particular position that we need.”

“It goes back to having a young quarterback and being in this mode of trying to build guys around him. What could seem like we need today or what seems like a position of strength, changes”.


The future of the backfield:
The Eagles also have a potential hole at running back. With a deep draft class and some intriguing free agents, it was interesting to hear the responses of both Pederson and Roseman when asked about the topic.

“Ryan Mathews is doing great.” Roseman said.  “We fully expect him to play. He’s under contract. It’s that simple.”

However, Roseman then went on to say that you simply can’t cut injured players because of the NFL rules. Mathews ended the year on injured reserve.

From there, Doug Pederson later fielded a question about a running back he knows all too well, Jamaal Charles. The former Chiefs running back spent three years with Pederson as his Offensive coordinator and when asked about a potential reunion, Pederson acknowledged it..but sounded hesitant.

“I have a history with him. He’s a tremendous running back. It’s something we will evaluate.”

Pederson also ensured that Charles would be evaluated like every other running back..which given his history (also something he noted), may mean that the decision isn’t as simple as signing Charles to create a fairytale ending.

The Eagles Head Coach also confirmed (what we already knew) that Darren Sproles will return in 2017.


Seumalo’s future:
The Eagles drafted a very versatile offensive lineman last year who factored heavily into the success of the Eagles Offense during the latter stages of the season. Both Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman spoke highly of the former Oregon standout.

Pederson went as far to say that he “would be fine” if the team rolled into 2017 with Seumalo starting at center..although he also was quick to point out that “it’s a big step.”

While on the topic of center’s, Jason Kelce’s name was mentioned a few times..with Roseman noting how valuable he has been to the development of Carson Wentz in his rookie year. With no updates given on any players’ immediate future..it was interesting to hear that his chemistry with Wentz was the primary focus..


Who calls the shots?:
Doug Pederson confirmed that after discussing throughout the year with Frank Reich, he will still be calling plays in 2017 and feels comfortable doing so. No real surprise here..but definitely something to be aware of as the focus on Pederson’s growth as a Head Coach will be emphasized this season.


The message to Carson Wentz:
Based on league rules, Doug Pederson can’t physically talk to his franchise quarterback until April 17th..but his message to the NDSU star was simple.

“Take time off. Get away, get healthy, get fresh, get rejuvenated.”

Carson has already sought out players to work with in the offseason. From Nelson Agholor to Cooper Kupp..it appears the quarterback has more than just getting away from football on his mind.



Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports