Why have Phillies’ changes to the Phanatic caused such a stir?


Hey, you. Yes, you.

Are you annoyed about the new changes to the Philly Phanatic? Does the slightest sight of the “New Phanatic” send you into a blind rage?

I have one more question for you. Why?

Look at it.

What change is so offensive? I see hardly see the difference. He’s got stars in his eyes, looking to a successful Phillies’ future. His eye feathers have seemed to be a bit sun-bleached. AND THANK GOD, he changed his socks and shoes. I’m sure those smelled.

The only big difference is the Phanatic’s arms. They have become more bird-like. He’s gained some feather-like extensions on his arms and his “fur” has extended past his now-exposed hands.

Now, I know that the changes made to the Phanatic have most-likely been done so that the Phillies won’t have to pay out on the Phanatic lawsuit. This all came after the original designers of the Phanatic have threatened to make the famous mascot a free agent come June 15th.

But like the Phanatic’s origin story, maybe he’s just evolving. The Phanatic does hail from the Galapagos Islands. As we should all know, Charles Darwin first developed his theory of evolution based on the different finches around the Galapagos.

Just like those birds evolved, so is the Phanatic, who, just so happens, to be more bird-like than ever.

But does this new avian nature change the Phanatic? Why would it?

The Phanatic will continue to be the best mascot in baseball and we should respect him as such. Just take some advice from the Flyer’s mascot, Gritty.

So, stop talking down on the Phanatic’s new groove or else you might have a giant orange wall-dwelling creature on your hands.

Now, whether Gritty has surpassed the Phanatic as the greatest mascot is a conversation for another day.

Let’s just enjoy what we have folks. Great. Philadelphia. Mascots.

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports