Bryce Harper shouldn’t be part of the Nationals Narrative


There is no confidential secret. Nationals fans were not happy when Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies for the next 13 years.

Irate might be a better word…with a pinch of salt.

Bryce Harper got paid and had a solid season with the Phillies. His 35 HR were the 2nd most of his career. He finished with 114 RBI, a career high. A slash line of .260/.372/.510 is great when you consider the immense pressure that Harper was under.

Without Harper, the Nationals are headed to the 2019 World Series. That fact seems to be all Nats fans care about. Not that it’s the 1st World Series appearance for the franchise since the Expos came into the league in 1969. Not that it’s the first World Series in Washington DC since 1933.

This fanbase has waited 50 years for this moment. Instead of celebrating eyeing the biggest prize of them all, the fanbase is more concerned about their former star.

Everyone and their mother wants to troll Bryce Harper instead of celebrating literally anything.

Hey, Nats fans here’s a list of players you could celebrate instead of focusing all your energy on Harper.

Anthony Rendon should be the NL MVP. Would a normal person think about him? No, because the Washington fans barely talk about him. He led the league in doubles (44) and RBI (126) and had an OPS of 1.010.

Ryan Zimmerman is playing in a World Series for the first time in his 15-year career. This man embodies the Washington Nationals. He’s the first player to be drafted and called up by the Nats. But, sure. Ignore your heart and soul for Harper.

JUAN SOTO IS ONLY 20 AND DOING MVP-ish THINGS. He recorded a .949 OPS. He tallied 110 runs scored and RBI. Celebrate your franchise’s future instead of criticizing your team’s past!

Stephen Strasburg has a 1.64 ERA this postseason. In all of his postseason appearances, Strasburg has a 1.10 ERA. He might just be the most dominant postseason pitcher of this era. Celebrate him!

You like to state that the Nats are better without Harper. That belief is a fallacy. Right field by the Nats was manned by Adam Eaton, who recorded a .792 OPS. Harper’s OPS of .882 far surpassed Eaton. Could you imagine an extra 20 HR in 2019’s lineup?

Victor Robles was even worse as the centerfielder. He hit only .255 with an OPS of .745. Harper was heavily criticized for his low batting average during the season. At least he hit .260.

Harper also was the superior defender. Victor Robles recorded 12 outfield assists, while Eaton recorded only 3. Harper had 13.

That means Harper was better than 2/3’s of the Nationals’ outfielders.

Celebrate anything instead of being salty at Bryce Harper. Do you really think he cares that the Nationals are in the World Series? He has a newborn boy that he gets to spend quality time with.

Also this.

Your celebration that you did it without Harper is a clown celebration bro.

Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports