Doop Roundup: MLS releases Forward 25 Kits; Union find winning ways in preseason play

It’s been an eventful week for the Philadelphia Union. They have completed the first leg of their training in Clearwater Florida, won two-out-of-three preseason matches, and now head home to celebrate the release of their new home Jersey with the fans on Friday night. We take a look at it all in this latest edition of Doop Roundup!

Union captain Alejandro Bedoya, sports the Union’s new Forever Faithful Kit.
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Forward 25 Kits released:

MLS released 27 new kits for their 27 teams in a fashion show in New York City on Wednesday night to celebrate their 25th season.

MLS released 27 kits for all 27 teams at an event in New York City to commemorate the 25th season of MLS. The Forward 25 shirts all have three stripes on the right shoulder to pay homage to the Leagues partnership with Adidas. While the idea of the templated jersey’s for all teams seems to lack personality, each club did what they could to give the shirts their own distinct feel; Including the Union.

Forever Faithful Union Kit:

Philadelphia Eagles running back Boston Scott was a part of the MLS’ Forward 25 Kit release as the model for the Union’s new Forever Faithful Kit.

The Union showed off their long-rumored jersey with Philadelphia Eagles running back Boston Scott as the model for it at the New York City event. The Forever Faithful kit does have the three gold stripes on the right shoulder, a snake pattern that is barely visible at times on the front, and a snake in the form of an infinity symbol as the backtag, but then there’s the sponsor logo on the front.

This is not a dig a Bimbo, Bimbo has given the Union a lot of money for the Jersey Sponsorship, this has to do with the color of the Bimbo on the shirt. When looking at the jersey without the Bimbo, it is clear that there are clean Gold accents to that make this shirt a Union shirt. When adding the Bimbo logo, in white, it makes it look like a sticker was slapped on the chest. While we do not know if this was a stipulation from Bimbo, had the Bimbo logo be a gold print to match the rest of the jersey it would make it look like a cohesive shirt. Instead of the club badge and colors sticking out, the white Bimbo logo sticks out.

Okay, on to the team that will wear these Jersey’s this season!

Union beat Chicago and Montreal in Preseason Play:

This past weekend the Union played Chicago fire in a preseason scrimmage and won by three goals to nil. Kacper Pryzblyko, Anthony Fontana and Union II player Issa Rayyan scored. From the limited highlights of this match, as the game was not streamed, it looked like the Union was able to organize themselves in a 4-2-2 diamond. The first two goals came in the first half, where more of a starting crew of players were able to play quickly through Chicago. The same was true in the second half but it was some backups and Union II players getting the job done.

The Union took on Montreal in their first streamed match and looked okay. While there could be a lot to take away from certain performances of players, I’m going to refrain from doing so since it is still early in the preseason.

Kacper Pryzblyko scored the only goal in the Union’s 1-0 win over Montreal Impact Wednesday Night.

Matt Doyle thinks Sergio Santos may break out as he was able to burn past the Montreal defense and play a perfect pass for Pryzblyko to tap in foe the only goal of the game. He also noted the pass Bedoya plays, and one can’t help but notice the header Glesnes plays to Bedoya to turn defense into attack. This seems to be the way the Union will want to play fast, counter-attacking. We’ll have to wait and see if this is how the team plays at the start of the season. One thing is clear, it is good that the Union is winning some preseason scrimmages while also not having their full squad assembled yet!

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Peace out Union fans!

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