Kolbeinn Sigthórsson: The Striker the Union need


The Union are in the thick of the offseason. They have already sured up their left back position with the signing of Giliano Wijnaldum this past week. Have a look at the new signing here. In a press conference introducing Wijnaldum, sporting director Earnie Stewart talked about how the Union were not done with this transfer window. One area he said needed an upgrade was at Striker. A high-profile striker, who has worked with Earnie before, could fill the void at striker. That striker is Kolbeinn Sigthórsson.

Sigthórsson is a 26-year-old Icelandic striker who helped Iceland on their magical run in this past summer’s European Championship. his goal against England secured their spot in the quarter finals.

The Striker’s recent form at his club, FC Nantes in France, has not been the best. This resulted in a loan stint, with Galatasary in Turkey, which didn’t produce much either. Sigthórsson did just complete his transfer to Nantes this past summer, but his poor form could mean that the French side could hear transfer requests. Enter Earnie Stewart and the Philadelphia Union.

Stewart and Sigthórsson worked together at AZ Alkmaar from 2010-2014; so, there is a certain familiarity there. While with AZ, Sigthórsson played with Union midfielder Roland Alberg, and also new Union defender Giliano Wijnaldum. The familiarity with Stewart, Alberg, and Wijnaldum makes a Union transition seem likely. But there is the matter of his transfer fee.

According to TransferMarkt.com, Sigthórsson’s market value is around $3 million.  This is a large chunk of change for an “out of form” striker. According to some other reports, $3 million is the high-end for Sigthórsson.

According to this Italian website, mlssocceritalia.com, Sigthórsson’s value is between $2 million-$2,500,00. This is much more reasonable, and could be the reason owner Jay Sugarman sold stock worth $1.2 million. This site shows that the Union are interested in bringing in the Icelandic striker, but one site showing a player linked to a team isn’t much. However, two other publications saying the same thing, one of which being from the country where Sigthórsson currently plays, makes this rumor much more credible.

So this number nine is linked to the Union, why should Philadelphia want him? They should want him because he can bring quality, world-class striking ability to the city of brotherly love. Here are the reasons Sigthórsson is the striker the Union need.

1.) He plays the possession game well:

Sigthórsson is a tall center forward who loves to win headers, and play the possession game. The Union have created a style of play that thrives off of being able to play the ball to the number nine, and to have the him hold the ball to allow midfielders forward. Sigthórsson uses his 6’1″ frame to old off defenders to keep possession, or draw fouls.

2.) He is aerial threat all around the field:

When called to win a header to keep possession Sigthórsson does it. He’ll either keep possession or win free kicks trying to do so. This is a quality that the Union can benefit from, but more importantly, he is an aerial threat on scoring opportunities. If a ball is sent Sigthórsson’s way inside the 18, then he is putting it goal-wards. With service from Ilsinho, Pontius, Rosenberry and Wijnaldum, Sigthórsson will be scoring many goals for the Union.

3.) He has a killer instinct:

Sigthórsson creates opportunities when it looks like there are none. One moment he’ll have his back to goal with the ball at his feet, and the next moment he’ll have turned around and fired a shot at goal. This quality, especially in the attacking third has been missing from the Union strikers over the past few years. The ability to create chances, and the killer instinct and finish them has been missing from the Union. If Sigthórsson is the striker for the Philadelphia Union, that won’t be the case anymore.

These reasons are why the Union should shell out the cash for the Icelandic striker. The addition of Sigthórsson would make the Union immediate contenders in the eastern conference. Who knows if this will actually happen, but if I was Earnie Stewart Kolbeinn Sigthórsson would be at the top of my list for striker! Here are some highlights of what Sigthórsson can do in front of goal!


Sigthórsson is a great option for the Union, but he is not the only forward the Union could be after! Come back to Philly Sports Network later to see more possible Union targets! Until then, peace out Union fans!


Mandatory Photo credit: Getty Images