Union pivot away from Bimbo, unveil Artesano as secondary kit sponsor


Last night at the Philadelphia 76ers game, four Philadelphia Union players rocked a brand new secondary kit with a new sponsor plastered across the front. In partnership with Bimbo Bakeries USA that runs through 2023, the club announced a first of its kind dual sponsorship for their primary and secondary kits.

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It’s no secret the Bimbo sponsorship causes angst among some factions of the Union fanbase. But now, a new secondary kit with a different sponsor will feature a Bimbo-less kit for the first time in years.

Last December, the club officially announced its renewed partnership with Bimbo Bakeries USA. In that press release, hints of a new secondary kit with a different brand logo would be coming. That secondary kit logo reads ‘Artesano,’ the brand name for Artesano Bakery Breads. A key part of the renewed deal was an option to have two branding options; a clear sign the franchise noted fan complaints regarding the Bimbo logo.

“Innovation is a part of the Philadelphia Union’s DNA. We have consistently pushed the envelope in the MLS and I am incredibly proud to continue to break ground alongside our partner Bimbo by being the first in the league to introduce differing logos on the primary and secondary kits,” said Tim McDermott, Philadelphia Union Cheif Business Officer.

McDermott proved once again that the organization remains open-minded and will listen to their fans. Many have made attempts to pivot away from the Bimbo logo due to concerns of what that word may mean to people outside of the soccer world. But now, there is finally another jersey option for those fans to purchase and wear around town without worry.

Some fans have gone so far as to create what are now known as “Bimbo Band-Aids.” These include ‘DOOP’ or ‘BUNS’ in the same font as the Bimbo logo but can be placed on top of that logo if you were to have purchased a Union kit over the last eight or nine years. See below.

However, for other Union fans, the Bimbo logo has never been too much of a concern. Yet a transition to two logos is a net positive for Philadelphia. The Artesano logo on the new secondary kit can pacify those with qualms surrounding the Bimbo logo while helping the franchise continually innovate and solidify themselves as a trend-setter in MLS.

Jersey sales will be interesting to track this year as some already think this new secondary kit could be a top-seller simply because there is finally a kit option without the Bimbo logo.

Bimbo Bakeries USA remains happy to be in partnership with Philadelphia as well. “As the Philadelphia Union jersey sponsor for nearly a decade, we are proud to passionately support our hometown team and connect with fans,” said Vince Melchiorre, Senior Vice President at Bimbo Bakeries USA. “We’re excited to extend that opportunity with the addition of our Artesano brand to the away jersey for 2020.”

Mandatory Credit: Major League Soccer

An official kit launch party is scheduled for February 7th in the Tunnel Club at Talen Energy Stadium. Fans interested in attending can RSVP here.

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Peace out Union fans!

Mandatory Credit: Major League Soccer