3 blockbuster trades that would see the Sixers moving on from Al Horford


Option #3: Three Team Deal

If it truly comes to it, Elton Brand and the 76ers may just have to bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to dump Horford and his contract. This is obviously the worst-case scenario for Philly. Admitting that you made a mistake reflects poorly on the front office, and trading away a player you just paid $100+ million too may scare away future free agents.

However, if it means pushing the Sixers back into title contention this year by adding a slew of productive shooters, while also clearing up a whole ton of cap space for the future, it’s a move the 76ers should legitimately consider. Obviously pursue bigger players to start, but if the phones go cold, this multi-team trade package is a safe backup option.

Proposed Trade

Washington Receives: Al Horford, “2021 1st Round Pick (76ers)”, 2021 2nd Round Pick (Knicks)

Detroit Receives: Ian Mahimi, Zhaire Smith, 2021 2nd Round Pick (Nuggets)

Philadelphia Receives: Langston Galloway, Derrick Rose, Davis Bertans, Markieff Morris

This is a huge deal with a ton of moving parts, but the main deciding factor is convincing the Wizards to take on Horford and the rest of his owed money. Ever since John Wall went down with an Achilles injury, the Wizards have been plunged into a deadly state of awfulness. Their draft picks haven’t been hitting, Bradley Beal wants out, and their fanbase is nonexistent. 

Trading Washington two draft picks gives them more ammo to build for the future, while Horford gives them a second All-Star to build around once John Wall returns.

Detroit is obviously giving up the most amount of value in terms of pure depth, however, none of the mentioned players really are all that good. Galloway and Morris are *decent* spot players who can knock down a three once in a while. DRose has been solid this season but in reality, is not worth more than a late first-rounder in terms of trade value. Moving three very average players for Zhaire Smith and an additional first-round pick is a no brainer for Detroit.

The Sixers, without question, are the losers in this trade. They give up three total draft picks and a 5x All-Star just to see some role players come back the other way. However, Philly benefits in two major ways. First, they add three legit shooters to their roster. The trio of Morris, Galloway, and Bertans are all shooting at least 39% from three. Second, they acquire a top-level sixth man in Derrick Rose. Rose has averaged 18+ppg the last two seasons on close to 50% shooting.

The 76ers will also clear up an additional $10.5 million dollars heading into the 2020 offseason (Galloway is on an expiring deal).

*NOTE: The 76ers would most likely waive a few guys to balance out their roster, seeing as 4 players would be coming in. Neto, Milton, and Bolden could all be likely victims.*

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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