It’s time for the Eagles to find Carson Wentz a wingman at wide receiver


It’s a tradition as old as time. Some call them their best friend, others claim them as their siblings. You know what I’m talking about. Its the same old game plan that every guy has when they’re heading out for the night in hopes to meet someone. You don’t just call anybody to go with you. The person has to fit the job description; they have to be witty, they have to be able to compliment your swag, and bring the energy that you lack. They have to be top-notch in order to be your wingman.

So here’s my question…

Why is Carson Wentz being forced to lead the pack on his own? Why is Carson doing all of the talking while his friends are being shy in the background posted up on the wall? C’mon, we’ve all been there and some of us are even guilty of it.

This case is different though. Wentz has taken so much heat for his relentless ambition of holding on to the ball too long. There are complaints about the ball going to Ertz so much, but Zach has been the only one pitching corny pick-up lines with Carson.

Mahomes has Kelce and Tyreek Hill plus Mecole Hardman. Watson is showing up to the club with DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Kenny Stills. Even Jacoby Brissett has a speedster. Meanwhile, everyone I just mentioned is either in their prime or under the age of 30.

The Eagles front office has neglected this idea for too long. Wentz can’t continue to scramble while he waits for a receiver to create separation. If the Eagles brass wants the best out of Wentz then its time to assemble the right posse around him. He has the bodyguard friends in Goedert and Ertz. He also has his two smooth friends in Sanders and Howard but he has no speed friends to help on the outside.

Wentz is your modern-day version of Maverick from Top Gun. The guy has a need for speed and an arm that’s just been collecting dust since week 1 of the 2019 season. DeSean Jackson showed the NFL what Wentz is capable of when he has the right weapons around him. For some reason, Howie and company invested on height instead of speed when it came to the offense. In doing so, they missed out on several speedsters from the 2019 draft.

Now I’m not here to fantasize about what could’ve been, it is more so to bring an understanding to Wentz’s game. Wentz is your modern QB. His potential solely relies on the pieces around him and how they fit his playing style. He’s a quarterback that’s programmed to be a playmaker in the open field. He’s daring enough to extend plays in hopes of finding that BIG play.

The Eagles drafted Mack Hollins, Shelton Gibson, and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside in hopes that they would help Wentz with the deep ball. They signed Alshon Jeffery because of his big catch radius but Alshon has been at the center of every negative Wentz rumor and no one even knows how much weight that carries. Nelson Agholor was supposed to be the speedster that complimented everyone but somehow, the young wideout regressed to the point of no return. The DeSean Jackson trade helped bring all of this to light, especially when he caught two 50-yard bombs from Wentz in the opening game of the season.

So where do the Eagles go from here?

“You don’t want speed without ability.” Howie Roseman mentioned during the latest episode of the ‘Eagles Insider Podcast’. “…You have to have instincts in this game too, you have to have awareness. We want to be a fast team.”

Well, recently, Howie Roseman spoke about the fact that the majority of the drafted players with less production in their collegiate careers have actually been the most productive NFL pro players so far. D.K. Metcalf showed the Eagles why he was worth the investment when he caught a 53-yard touchdown and left the Linc with 160 receiving yards. I personally can’t remember the last Eagles to have that many receiving yards in a game. Wait, DeSean actually had 150+ against the Redskins in week 1 but before that, Wentz has never had such a receiver with that ability.

Howie Roseman will have a tough task on his hand to find a wingman for Wentz in year 5, one that could grow with him and be the go-to guy for the franchise QB for years to come. The 2020 draft will show us just how aware and instinctual Howie is on the pulse of this offense and defense moving forward.

Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports