Unlikely heroes save the day: Grading the Eagles overtime win over Giants


They almost let it slide, but the Eagles came back in incredible fashion to overthrow the struggling New York Giants in overtime. But what did we learn from the overtime win? It’s time to get those report cards out again!


It wasn’t his prettiest game, but it was one in which he stepped up when needed. Through the fourth quarter and OT, without his entire starting group of receivers or franchise RT, Wentz put the offense on his back and carried the Eagles out of the stickiest of situations.

Ending his day with 325 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, and 0 INT, Wentz surgically split open the Giants defense when the Eagles needed him most, taking over the game as only a franchise QB could, and finally silencing any doubters of his ability to do so.

Grade: B

Running back

Boston. Scott.

That is all.

69 receiving yards and 59 rushing yards headlined Boston’s breakout on Monday night in a game he’ll remember forever. Scott provided assertiveness, effective decision making, and great vision, finally taking the weight off Miles Sanders, who struggled that night.

Nobody saw Scott’s breakout coming and while there are still negatives such as Ajayi’s usage and Sanders being totally outshone by Baby-Sproles, this was a solid day at the office.

Grade: B-

Offensive line

If the offense struggled with Lane Johnson, it was almost doomed without him. Vaitai was serviceable at RT and made some key blocks down the stretch to send the running backs on their way, but allowing 10 QB hits and 6 sacks wasn’t ideal.

Jason Peters continues to draw weekly penalties that sting the offense and communication issues haunted the group early. Once things settled, the group just struggled to keep Wentz clean when inside the pocket, forcing him to rely on sprintouts to get a clear field of view.

It wasn’t a great day by any stretch of the imagination.

Grade: D

Tight end

Aside from Zach Ertz running backwards and a Goedert drop, this group had a great day. Joshua Perkins recorded 5 caught for 37 yards, proving to be an unlikely hero who helped breathe life into an ailing offense, before Zach Ertz caught the game-winning touchdown in true ‘Titanic theme’ fashion.

Given the fact that they had no help at receiver, there’s really not much to complain about here.

Grade: B

Wide receiver

JJ Arcega-Whiteside made the catch of the season for the Eagles wide receivers, tracking the ball like a homing missile. Why it took an entire season to get him involved, I’ll never know, but hey.

It wasn’t great…was it? Outside of that one catch, Greg Ward Jr. had 34 yards of receiving and that was kind of…it?

Retrospectively, cutting JMatt and Hollins may not have been the brightest moves in the world, even if they brought little to the table, at least it was something? With Alshon and Agholor battling injury, help is needed again.

Grade: C-

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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