Instant Analysis: Fusion Sign Developmental DPS Talent

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Just when I thought the Fusion may be done announcing new players, they drop a big announcement stating they have signed Hee-Su “Heesu” Jeong from Korean team RunAway. Heesu is a 17-year-old DPS player who has really impressed in the Korean scene playing for RunAway. His time at RunAway was filled with trophies and tournament wins, he won the Contenders League in Korea twice, once in 2018 and once this year and he won the X tournament twice and recently came second in the Autumn version of the tournament.

eesu is a fantastic DPS player who can play multiple characters from the DPS class including Widowmaker, McCree, Ashe, and Reaper. He has already shown what he can do in the Korean scene and now has a great chance to develop into a major star in the major league for Overwatch.
This signing is perfect from the Fusion’s point of view as they beef up their DPS stable with one of the best up and coming DPS talents in the world right now. Fusion needed to add another DPS player with Eqo, Carpe and Ivy being the only ones on the roster and Heesu is the perfect fit for the roster, as the Fusion have enough established DPS talent to rely on during this season so Heesu can spend as much time as he needs with the players to fully develop into the DPS star the Fusion believe he will become.

The interesting thing about this signing, which many of you may not realize, is Heesu can’t actually compete in the OWL until he is 18 years old, that’s the league’s rules. However, Heesu turns 18 in March next year, only a month into the new season, giving the Fusion the majority of the season to play Heesu if they wanted to at any point. It also means Heesu gets an extra month of development before being eligible to play for the Fusion, meaning Heesu can learn how he will fit in the team whilst the team is competing.

The Fusion now has a stacked DPS stable, containing some of the best established DPS players in the league and some of the best young developmental talents in the scene right now, however, that might not be the best for them. The Fusion will have to get rotations and game time perfect in each game they play, they cannot afford to have talents like Ivy and Heesu just sitting on the bench not playing at all because then they won’t develop into the stars they can be. They will also have to get the synergies down to a tee, synergies are the most important parts of competitive Overwatch and right now, Carpe and Eqo really struggled to play well together last season, so do the Fusion drop one of them to play Ivy and see how he gets on.

No matter what the Fusion decide to do with their DPS players, them signing Heesu is a huge statement of intent this season and really should put other teams on notice that the Fusion mean business as they did in Season 1! Now they just need to sign another main tank, but I’ll get into that at a later date.