Instant analysis: Philadelphia Fusion announce coaching staff moves

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Even though it seems like the Philadelphia Fusion are done with announcing new players, unless there’s a surprise trade or release etc, they haven’t finished filling out the coaching staff.

The Fusion had already announced in this offseason the arrival of new Head Coach KDB and new Assistant GM Roston, however over the past week or so, the Fusion have added two more staff members to the coaching room. 

The first new addition to be announced was Seung-Bo “Mobydik” Sim. Mobydik joins the Fusion after spending the last year at the Toronto Defiant and joins as the Fusion’s new assistant coach. The Defiant finished 16th last season so it’ll be interesting to see what the Fusion believes Mobydik can bring to the table as a coach. He may have been brought in to give new DPS player Ivy a familiar face as they both worked together in Toronto last year, if that is the case, then it’s a smart move. The last thing you want, especially in esports, is a new player from a different team joining and struggling to settle in, etc, now Ivy has Mobydik there, it may help his development as a Fusion player come along quicker than what was first expected.   

The second new addition to the staff room in Philadelphia sees a new role being introduced. Joni “Seita” Paavola has joined the Fusion as their new Strategic Analyst. The move is a huge one for the Fusion in so many ways and it should get fans excited for the new season. Seita is one of the best analysts in the Overwatch scene right now, his work rate of just constantly watching team’s games, making reports on them and then putting together a plan to exploit their weaknesses is a massive reason why he is such a respected analyst in Overwatch.  

Seita has worked with the Finland Overwatch World Cup team twice, and that may not mean much given it’s Finland and not someplace like South Korea or the USA but to be picked for the committee twice in a row is a fantastic achievement and shows how far he has come in his career, considering the OWL is only 2 years old.   

Seita will bring so many key skills that are needed in the Fusion team right now. Last season the Fusion struggled with consistency, struggling to string together a run of wins and even when they were playing the different maps against one team, they always seemed to be forced to go into a tie-breaker map and that’s something you cannot afford in the OWL. They seemed to change their strategy up against each team, which isn’t a bad thing, but they never seemed to change it for the better and that ultimately cost them a playoff spot last season. Hopefully, with Seita’s help, the team will be heading into every game next season with a proper strategy to defeat their opponents by exploiting their weaknesses and then I’ll be writing about how the Fusion won the league!  

The Fusion coaching room has a completely new look for season 3 of the OWL and it should have people excited, if not at least intrigued, to see where the coaching staff will take the team. KDB will bring his own vision into the team as the new Head Coach, Mobydik and ChrisTFer will help as much as they can to develop the players into the roles and playstyles KDB wants them to be in and Seita will provide expert analysis that KDB can use to brief the players ahead of games. This coaching staff has been set up to win and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them and the Fusion in general!