The storm is beginning to settle as Phillies hone in on new manager


The Phillies front office continues to take heat from the horrible press conference, and Fans continue to wait to see just who the next manager will be John Middleton and company have to get this right. Twitter is flooded with “reports” coming out of South Philadelphia. Are the Phillies are going to make Joe Girardi the 55th manager in franchise history?

The Phillies preferred Girardi. At 55 years old, he is currently the youngest candidate and has a good mixture of baseball knowledge and analytics. He also managed the Yankees to the World Series victory in 2009, beating the Phillies.

This is great news for Phillies fans. Baseball writers reported that the Mets were going to hire Girardi. If the Phillies peg Girardi as their man, now is the time to go and get him. Screwing over the Mets in the process is just a huge bonus.

The Others:

Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker are the other two candidates for the vacant manager position. Both are credible and well-respected managers. However, both are an old school mentality. That may not fit with the Phillies’ new analytical approach.

Scouting Director Offered to Brian Barber

To days ago, the Phillies offered the job of Scouting Director to Brian Barber. Today the Phillies have announced that Barber was hired. Barber was instrumental in helping the Yankees build up their team. He comes highly regarded as a talent scout.

This is a great move. They Phillies went outside the organization and got a very good baseball guy to head up the scouting division. The Phillies seem to be making the right moves, especially if they land Girardi. If they are able to secure this deal then the off-season has started off on the right foot. Now they just need to fire Matt Klentak. Stay tuned!

Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports