Should the Phillies be concerned about Jean Segura?

After the Phillies seemingly great offseason, Jean Segura looked like one of the Phillies’ exciting additions. He was acquired from the Mariners with 2 relievers for JP Crawford and Carlos Santana. The excitement for the shortstop stemmed from his pure hit tool.

From 2016-2018, all Jean Segura could do was hit. He racked up 538 hits in 1747 at-bats good for a .308 batting average.

In 2019, Segura is dangerously close to losing his .300 streak. He’s currently hitting .281. His .752 OPS is his lowest since his age-25-season with Milwaukee.

It has been his fielding that has left the biggest concerns. In 137 games at shortstop, Segura has 20 errors, the most of his career. His -6 Defensive Runs Saved is the worst of his career. In 2018, he was at +5 DRS. This might just be what Segura is. His fielding % is .963 in 1176.2 innings at short in 2019. In 2017, he had a fielding % of .962 in 1084 innings.

A Phillie hasn’t had over 20 errors since 2005 when David Bell had 21 at 3rd base. A Phillies shortstop hasn’t had 20+ errors since Desi Relaford in 2000 with 24. Relaford’s mark is scary when you realize he only played 81 games at shortstop with the Phillies in 2000.

The Phillies must evaluate Segura to make sure he isn’t regressing. Segura hasn’t always been a hit machine. After his first All-Star Game in 2013, Segura hit .252 between 2014 and 2015.

He must be able to play close to the value of his near $15 million contract. If the Phillies think he won’t rebound, trading him is not out of the question.

Free agents Didi Gregorius and Jose Iglesias could both be suitable replacements. They are all around 30 years old. Didi is more of a rebound candidate and Iglesias has been a glove-first shortstop for the most of his career.

Sticking with Segura might be the safest bet, but he’s not the only horse in the race.

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