Series Wrap: Phillies and Dodgers call it even


Through what felt like biblical amounts of rain and a battered bullpen, the Phillies were able to split a 4 game series against the best team in the National League.

The split puts the Phillies 50-47 as they head into a series with their cross-state foe, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Before we look ahead, let’s look back at this rollercoaster of a 4 game set.

Game 1: Dodgers Dominate

This game didn’t happen. You can’t convince me it happened. In fact, I have a hunch that Philadelphia native Will Smith used one of his Men in Black mind erasers on me so I could forget.

Anyway speaking about forgetting, you might forget that the Phillies had a lead in this game. The Phillies actually loaded the bases twice against Clayton Kershaw and failed to score.

They did, however, score an early lead off of a leadoff Scott Kingery home run in the 3rd inning. Starting pitcher Zach Eflin was even looking like 1 run was enough as he didn’t allow a hit in the first 3 innings.

But then the 4th inning happened.

Six runs. SIX RUNS AFTER NOT ALLOWING A HIT. Eflin finally looked good again and then the Dodgers hit him like a bus.

The rest of the game happened. Roman Quinn pitched. It was a thing that happened. Dodgers won 16-2.

Game 2: Depressed to Impressed

Vince Velasquez started this game for the Phillies and fan expectation couldn’t have been lower. He was facing down the barrel of a loaded gun in the form of young star starter Walker Buhler and the potent Dodgers line up.

A peculiar thing happened though.

Vinny Velo looked to be back as he struck out 6 Dodgers in his first 3 innings. The Phillies even scored 6 runs for Vince in the form of Scott Kingery’s 13th, Brad Miller’s 4th, and Bryce Harper’s 17th home runs.

Of course, that was all an illusion though, as Velasquez allowed 4 home runs on the night and couldn’t get out of the 5th inning.

The score of 6-5 held for a while as Alvarez, Nicasio, and Morgan of the notorious Phillies Bullpen Gang pitched a combined 3.1 innings of scoreless ball.

And then the 9th inning happened.

Hector Neris didn’t look sharp whatsoever for what felt like the 5th time in a row. He walked Max Muncy, gave up a single to AJ Pollock, and for good measure surrendered a home run to pinch hitter Matt Beaty.

Frustrated, Neris plunked the next batter David Freese and was ejected.

It was after these events unfolded that Philadelphia was collectively ready to ram their heads through the wall. They had seen enough. This team had disappointed them for the last time in 2019.


Dodgers closer Kanley Jansen imploded. A double to Knapp(?!?), a single to Cesar and Kingery, and finally a double to Harper ended the night in spectacular fashion for the 2019 Phillies.

The Phillies won 9-8.

Before we leave this, do yourself a favor and listen to Scott Franzke’s call of the walkoff.

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Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports