Wyatte Wylie opens up on his road to signing an ELC with the Flyers

In 2018, Ron Hextall wanted to eventually restock the defensive cupboard within the farm system, hence the reason why Hextall selected a stud in Wyatte Wylie in the 5th round of the NHL Entry Draft.

Wylie is a great skater and stick handler for that matter. He remains calm and poised, as he is very rarely out of position defensively. Hextall selected Wylie to help aide the Flyers with transitioning out of the zone, but more importantly join the rush when he sees fit. The Flyers will need speedy right-handed defencemen in the future, as the name of the game in the NHL is speed. There is no doubt Wylie can eventually be that speedy spark to amp up the offense, but play a sound defensive game, as well.

This young Flyers team seems destined for success in the future, with all the young budding prospects. Hopefully, we will eventually add Wylie to the mix of budding young prospects, as he hopes to garner an ELC following both camps, “You can always get better in every situation,” Wylie said, “I want to show them I’m adaptive. Get better at everything they want me to get better at. I want to show them I’m ready to be here. Play hows they want me to play.”

As Wylie touched on a little bit, he has progressed to the point where he feels he is ready for the rigors of professional hockey in the AHL. What most Flyers fans do not know is that Wylie played on his off-hand last season for the Everett Silvertips. He also told me at Developmental Camp that he can play either side on Defense because of such. These tools become valuable when Chuck Fletcher is thinking of signing him to an ELC, “I wanted to come here this Summer to prove to the Flyers I wanted to be here,” Wylie said, “Just give it all I can, and for Everett to let me do this it’s awesome.”

Wylie continued, “The support Everett (Fans) gives you, whether your home or away, it’s something that makes you want to work harder. It definitely keeps you going. The fans of Everett are everything, their awesome.”

Wylie was born on November 2, 1999, in Everett, WA. This US-born player has busted his butt to get where he is at in his career. Nothing was handed to him by any means, he had to earn everything. He has not forgotten about the people that matter to him the most, “My family, brother, girlfriend, they just want me to keep going and do my best. When it’s tough times they are easy to talk to, and when I have good times they always support me. I’m thankful to have them, and I will continue to work hard.”

This young prospect in Wylie opened some eyes for the Silvertips this past season 2i5h elite vision of the ice, and just has a knack for shutting down lines. He’s so darn good at shutting down top lines night after night. Wylie can shoot the puck too, as he potted 11 goals this past season, to go along with 36 apples, “Just take it one day at a time,” Wylie says.

The Silvertips star has some great hockey tools that the Flyers could benefit from in the future. Wylie is so darn good on skates, and to pair that with his hockey IQ. He’s just too darn talented not to earn an ELC following both rookie and training camps. One thing is for certain Flyers fans, the future is bright in Flyer land.

3 thoughts on “Wyatte Wylie opens up on his road to signing an ELC with the Flyers

  1. I watched Wylie at the development camp for four days, Including the 5 on 5 prospect game which ended the camp. He played extremely well on defense in that game and his skills throughout the camp were excellent. I dont know why he hasn’t been signed yet, but he checks all the boxes when it comes to talent, skating ability and filling a need for the Flyers. I really like Wylie’s potential as a right handed defenseman and I believe he will be signed soon.

  2. “There is no doubt Wylie can eventually be that speedy spark to amp up the offense, but play a sound defensive game, as well.” Yeah, right. That’s why he doesn’t have an ELC. Jamey, not every Flyers draft pick is a “stud”.

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