Have the Eagles done enough this offseason to ignite a Super Bowl run?


This is what it all comes down to. It’s gameday and the football world is done with all the talking. No more discussions of what could be or what should be, questions will be answered. Fans will be heartbroken while others will have their dreams fulfilled. As for Eagles fans, one question remains. Has the team done enough to compete for another Super Bowl title?

They let the best backup QB in franchise history walk and extended their young “injury prone” QB. No, I’m not part of the “Foles is better than Wentz” crowd, let’s make that clear. You can catch me on the same wave that Ravens safety Earl Thomas is on. Thomas praised Wentz by saying, “I would tell you, in this league there’s a small pool of guys that you would classify at an elite level, and I think he’s definitely in that pool.” See, Im the same guy who gave you the blueprint to Wentz’ Redemption Season in written form as you see below.


Following that debate, Howie Roseman took it upon himself to right last seasons wrongs as Doug Pederson reflected on his own misses during the season last year. DeSean Jackson has finally returned to Philly at the age of 32 but hasn’t lost a step. The Eagles have finally solved their running game issues by adding the efficient Jordan Howard and the elusive Miles Sanders while brining back an older Darren Sproles. Don’t forget the addition of LT Andre Dillard and WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside.

According to most draft analysts, Arcega-Whiteside was said to be one of the top wideouts in the draft if not the top wideout in his class. Don’t get mad at me cause of what I said, I’m just the messenger! JJ flew under the radar in a class where his passer rating when targeted was 135.6, second among the WR class. He’s also probably the most polished route runner in his class, just ask Brian Balldinger who said, “I just got my eyes on some practice tape from OTA’s and I saw this receiver run routes that I have never seen any #eagles receiver ever run. Oh Myyyy. #Arcega-Whiteside has upside..”. See I told you, don’t kill the messenger!

How about the defense? Oh the defense. Well they cut Timmy Jernigan but then resigned him at a cheaper price, also restructured McLeod’s deal to a cheaper price as well. The team also signed Malik Jackson, Zach Brown, Andrew Sendejo and Johnathan Cyprien to add to the veteran playmakers they already have while resigning Ronald Darby to a prove it deal as rehabs back from a torn ACL. Rasul Douglas has beefed up his physique in hopes of possible reaching a the pro bowl this season but first he has to out muscle the surging Sidney Jones for a possible starting role. All of this going on and for some reason no one has an update on Jalen Mills, interesting..

Anyways, back to the task at hand. This is all that Howie Roseman has done in a nutshell. He’s added the nothing but depth to the this team while preparing for the long haul. He’s taken players that other teams considered finished and resurrected them with Pederson’s brilliance. Schwartz finally has the playmakers he needs to put together a stout defense for the 2019 campaign but is it all enough?

Was it enough to give Wentz the deep threat he never had? Is it enough to give Fletcher Cox a running mate in Malik Jackson, one who has casted out by the Jaguars due to his “inability” against the run? Will a 2nd round pick, who’s shadowboxing with Saquon Barkley, be enough to revitalize the run game? I won’t say I think so but I’ll say I believe so on on one condition.

The team needs to find their identity and they have to find it early. They have to get back to having fun and believing in one another when their back’s against the wall. In 2017, the team knew what they had behind closed doors. They were doubted, they were constantly told that they’re not enough. That won’t work this time around. The league is on notice as to how talented this Eagles team really is. Jimmy Smith of the Ravens has already noticed. He mentioned on Wednesday, “That’s a potent offense that has some big-time playmakers.” Marlon Humphrey also chimed in by stating, “Every team just about has a guy you want to double, but who you kinda got two or three guys you could double, it makes things a little bit tougher.”

Roseman has put together a very strong roster from top to bottom. They’re very strong at almost every position in my opinion, some more than others. Where will this team end up come February? No one can even try to know, but one thing is for sure. Barring any significant injuries, this will be a team that many franchise won’t like to face come playoff time. That alone speaks volumes towards the tremendous job that the Eagles front office has done. Every move was very calculated for one reason and one reason only, to return to broad street with another Lombardi trophy in their hands.

Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports