LISTEN: Why the Eagles are hitting home runs in free agency

Liam Jenkins looks back on the two most recent signings by the Eagles and debunks a common myth surrounding the shape of the defense and the direction it’s headed.


One thought on “LISTEN: Why the Eagles are hitting home runs in free agency

  1. Great content. Big Eagles fan here and really enjoy the content here. I also vote for LJ over Ankles and/or Liam Jenkins.
    Now, the Darby deal pretty much wrecked my day. I get that he has speed and is a dinner cb BUT 17/32 starts and poor tackling blah blah. He will have alot to prove this year and that’s part of why I dislike the deal. I wanted to see the cb room compete! for starter positions. Now I fear we will see the jobs default to Darby and Mills. I know Darby is Questionable to start week 1, so he will miss OTA and preseason, and I am not even aware of a timetable for Mills’ return. So will these 2 cb with complimentary weaknesses even be ready to disappoint the fans by week 1?
    Question: why does Schwartz hate Rasul? 4 spots below Darby on pff overall grade and 10th best at defending the deep ball annnd we default to Darby over and over as soon as he is over his latest injury and throw Darby big money!? I don’t get it. Darby and Mills oughta be fighting for their roster spot, not cruising right back to it.

    Another question for ya LJ. I know we all love the Bodyguard, but why all the “what are we gonna do at LT!?” talk? Um, Big V? As I recall he came in and played very well in JP’s kleats for the 2017 suoerbowl run. Seems when he gets 1st team reps he protects the blindside very well. Again, I don’t get it. Could ya maybe take a look at big V tape and see if maybe there is more cause for concern there than I see?
    Thank LJ. Great stuff, keep it coming.

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